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body count

1. The number of people killed in a particular incident, especially soldiers killed in a military effort. The body count is uncertain after the earthquake, but we expect the number to rise as rescue efforts continue. The body count in the latest fight against insurgents is the highest yet.
2. The number of people who participate or are involved in a given activity or situation. I have a body count of about 24 people so far, so it looks like we're still waiting for a few more to join the tour.
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body English

An often involuntary or unconscious movement of the body to try and manipulate or influence the course of an object that is already in motion. I always find bowlers' body English humorous, as they contort their bodies to try to will the ball toward the pins.
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body language

Any gesture, posture, or movement of the body or face to nonverbally communicate emotions, information, or emphasis. His voice was calm and steady, but his body language was quite hostile and threatening. Many US presidents develop signature body language that one can easily recognize when they are speaking in public.
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body of water

An area of the earth that is covered by water. The oceans are the largest bodies of water on the planet.
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sell (one's) body

To have sexual intercourse or perform sexual acts for money; to prostitute oneself. Things had become so desperate for Jacob that he even considered selling his body just to earn enough to eat each day.
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body check

In ice hockey, a form of contact in which one player hits ("checks") another with his body. That was a heck of a body check! Great job keeping their players out of our end.
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body blow

1. A strong hit to one's body. Everyone in the audience gasped when the seasoned boxer took a body blow from his opponent and dropped to his knees in agony.
2. By extension, a large disappointment or setback. Olivia's dreams of becoming a professional ice skater took a body blow when she tore a ligament in her right knee. The scandal was a body blow to the politician's career, and he retired to the private sector.
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body politic

the people of a country or state considered as a political unit. The body politic was unable to select between the candidates.
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enough to keep body and soul together

Fig. very little; only enough to survive. (Usually refers to money.) When he worked for the library, Marshall only made enough to keep body and soul together. Maria's savings were just enough to keep body and soul together while she looked for another job.
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*in a body

Fig. as a group of people; as a group; in a group. (*Typically: arrive some place ~; go ~; leave ~; reach some place ~; travel ~.) The tour members always traveled in a body.
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keep body and soul together

Fig. to manage to keep existing, especially when one has very little money. (Compare this with keep the wolf from the door.) We hardly had enough to keep body and soul together. I don't earn enough money to keep body and soul together.
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know where all the bodies are buried

Fig. to know all the secrets and intrigue from the past; to know all the relevant and perhaps hidden details. He is a good choice for president because he knows where all the bodies are buried. Since he knows where all the bodies are buried, he is the only one who can advise us.
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Over my dead body!

Inf. Fig. a defiant phrase indicating the strength of one's opposition to something. (A joking response is "That can be arranged.") Sally: Alice says she'll join the circus no matter what anybody says. Father: over my dead body! Sally: Now, now. You know how she is. Bill: I think I'll rent out our spare bedroom. Sue: over my dead body! Bill (smiling): That can be arranged.
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put weight on some part of the body

to subject an injured body part, as a foot or knee, to the weight of standing, to test its strength. My doctor told me I can put weight on my broken leg next week.
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warm body

a person; just any person (who can be counted on to be present). See if you can get a couple of warm bodies to stand at the door and hand out programs. You mean among all these warm bodies nobody knows calculus?
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over my dead body

I will never let this happen “Wouldn't it be cool if Dad's band played at your party?” “Over my dead body!”
Usage notes: said in reaction to what someone else has said
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not have a type of bone in your body

to have none of the characteristic described He was friendly and kind and didn't have a mean bone in his body.
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a body blow

  (mainly British)
something that causes serious difficulty or disappointment Losing the court case was a body blow to animal rights campaigners. Her hopes of competing in the Olympics were dealt a body blow when she fell and injured her back.
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body and soul

if you do something or believe something body and soul, you do it or believe it completely She dedicated herself to her research, body and soul.
See keep body and soul together
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he/she doesn't have a [jealous, mean, unkind etc.] bone in his/her body

something that you say in order to emphasize that someone is not jealous, mean, unkind etc. He'd never deliberately hurt someone's feelings - he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.
See be cut to the bone, chill to the bone, be chilled to the bone
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over my dead body

if you say that something will happen over your dead body, you mean that you will do everything you can to prevent it 'Josh says he's going to buy a motorbike.' 'Over my dead body!' If they cut down those trees, they'll do it over my dead body.
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keep body and soul together

to just be able to pay for the things that you need in order to live We can barely keep body and soul together on what he earns.
See also: and, body, keep, soul, together

body blow

An action that causes severe damage, as in This last recession dealt a body blow to our whole industry. This term comes from boxing, where since the 18th century it has been used to refer to a punch that is landing between the opponent's chest and navel. [c. 1900]
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body English

Movements of the body that express a person's feelings, as in His body English tells us just how tired he is. This expression originated about 1900 in such sports as bowling and ice hockey, where a player tries to influence the path of a ball or puck by moving his body in a particular direction. (It was based on the earlier use of English to mean "spin imparted to a ball.")
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keep body and soul together

Stay alive, support life, as in He earns barely enough to keep body and soul together. This expression alludes to the belief that the soul gives life to the body, which therefore cannot survive without it. Today it most often is applied to earning a living. [Early 1700s]
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over my dead body

In no way, under no circumstances, as in Over my dead body will you drop out of high school. This hyperbolic expression is often used jokingly. [Early 1800s]
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body count

1. n. the total of dead bodies after a battle. The body count at Hill 49 was three.
2. n. the total number of casualties after some kind of shake-up. The pink slips are coming out every day. The body count on Monday was twenty-three.
3. n. a count of people present. The body count was about forty-five at the meeting.
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body shake

n. a shakedown of the body; a skin-search. (see also shakedown.) They give everybody who passes through these doors a body shake.
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Over my dead body!

and OMDB
exclam. & comp. abb. [You won’t do it] if I can stop you from doing it! You’ll do it OMDB.
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warm body

n. just anyone who can be counted on to stay alive. See if you can get a couple of warm bodies to stand at the door and hand out programs.
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take the body

To play in a rough physical way, dealing out many body checks, as in hockey.
See also: body, take

over my dead body

Used to express dramatic refusal.
See also: body, dead
References in classic literature ?
Come hither then, my friend, stand by me and see indeed whether I shall play the coward the whole day through as you say, or whether I shall not stay some even of the boldest Danaans from fighting round the body of Patroclus.
The son of Saturn bowed his portentous brows, and Hector fitted the armour to his body, while terrible Mars entered into him, and filled his whole body with might and valour.
Immediately after him came a white body, but this one alighted erect.
The sentry, from his post, saw him enter his own tent; but he did not see him crawl under the canvas at the rear and sneak cautiously to the tent which the prisoner had occupied, where now lay the dead body of Mohammed Beyd.
Without an instant's hesitation he seized the dead wrists and dragged the body upon its back to the point where he had just entered.
Numa rose, shaking himself, and stood above the torn and mutilated body of his foe.
Again he smelled about the body and at last with his rough tongue licked Tarzan's face.
The body in the meantime stood in passive indifference, its arms hanging idly at its sides.
Genevieve saw her lover's arms drop to his sides as his body lifted, went backward, and fell limply to the floor.
With shaken consciousness and trembling body, he clutched and held on, while the ebbing life turned and flooded up in him again.
Consider, I said, Glaucon, that even the badness of food, whether staleness, decomposition, or any other bad quality, when confined to the actual food, is not supposed to destroy the body; although, if the badness of food communicates corruption to the body, then we should say that the body has been destroyed by a corruption of itself, which is disease, brought on by this; but that the body, being one thing, can be destroyed by the badness of food, which is another, and which does not engender any natural infection-- this we shall absolutely deny?
To it the space between the heavenly bodies is not greater than the distance between the homes of our friends in town is for us, even if they live a short way from each other; such an electric shock in the heart, however, costs us the use of the body here below; unless, like the watchman of East Street, we happen to have on the Shoes of Fortune.
Daddy Jacques, who had now joined us, helped us to carry the body into the vestibule, where we laid it down on the lower step of the stairs.
It was the body which despaired of the earth--it heard the bowels of existence speaking unto it.
And with fury, as it were with passion, the murderer falls on the body, and drags it and hacks at it; so he covered her face and shoulders with kisses.