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augur well for

To be a sign of good things to come. An "augur" was an oracle in ancient Rome. This rain does not augur well for our baseball game. Well, that poor performance review does not augur well for a raise.
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bode well for (someone or something)

To seem indicative of a favorable outcome. This phrase is often used in the negative to suggest the opposite. Sunny weather bodes well for our flight leaving on time. Being late to a job interview does not bode well for you getting hired.
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augur well for someone or something

to indicate or predict good things for someone or something. (Usually in the negative.) This latest economic message does not augur well for the stock market. I am afraid that this poll data does not augur well for the incumbent in the election.
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bode somehow for someone or something

to foretell or portend fortune or misfortune for someone or something. (Typically with ill or well.) Things do not bode well for the stock market. Things do not bode well for your future at this job.
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augur well for

Also, augur ill for; bode well or ill for . Have good (or bad) expectations for someone or something. For example, John's recovery from surgery augurs well for the team and The Republican victory in the Congressional elections bodes ill for affirmative action. The verb augur is derived from the Latin word for "soothsayer" (predictor of the future), a meaning perpetuated in this phrase and so used since the late 1700s. The verb bode comes from the Old English bodian, meaning "to announce or foretell," and is rarely heard today except in this idiom, which dates from about 1700.
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bode ˈwell/ˈill (for somebody/something)

(formal) be a good/bad sign for somebody/something: These figures do not bode well for the company’s future.
See also: bode, ill, well
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Arthur Bode told the jury: "I was asleep in bed and I felt a thump to my ribs and noticed Robert running out.
The BODE index measures functional limitation, nutritional status and symptoms, in addition to airflow obstruction, and is therefore well placed to assess clinical risk and the integrated response to treatment.
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But the popular success of the Bode Museum also reflects the way in which Berlin's centre of gravity has been tilting back towards the former eastern sector since reunification.
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Prof Bode said: "Like the sun, most stars in the universe end their days with a whimper, but a few literally go out with a bang.
The tablets were found to be valuable at all levels, and particularly in elementary school because students can input information to the machines using their voices, handwriting, drawing pictures, or typing, says Diane Bode, educational technology specialist for the district.
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MARCO BODE has hit out at Germany's critics, claiming Rudi Voller's side will prove today they are not the tournament's ugly ducklings.
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Second half substitute Marco Bode struck the decisive opening goal when the Germans were down to 10-men, but Cameroon's Patrick Suffo evened up the red card count in the 77th minute - while an astonishing 16 yellow cards were shown.
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Regardless, the out-of-sight, out-of-mind nature of the leadership contest bodes ill for Northern Ontario, or at least it might bode ill.