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boast about someone or something

 and boast of someone or something
to speak highly about someone or something that one is proud of. I just have to boast about my grandchildren. Do you mind? Is he boasting about his car again? I don't like to boast of what I did.
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nothing to boast about

not worth bragging about; mediocre. In high school, my grades were acceptable, but they were nothing to boast about. Jill: Does this town have a good library? Nancy: It's nothing to boast about.
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Boasting the largest and most complete state-of-the art marina on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, Bahia Escondida's marina features golf cart concierge service, covered piers, a high-speed fuel dock and slips accommodating vessels up to 150-feet.
Boasting the most realistic racing to date, Gallop Racer 2004 completely immerses the player into the world of horse racing from start to finish
today announced the availability of its new flagship switch fabric chipset boasting the fastest scalability, shorter time-to-market and other benefits that make it ideal for a myriad of routing and switching applications in the communications, wireless and storage markets.
Apollo Advance helps clinicians maintain a high standard of patient care by automating clinical record keeping, boasting more than 40 modules (from Cardio-vascular Surgery to Inventory) and supporting more than 20 interfaces.
securities firms boasting strong market positions in securities underwriting, corporate finance advisory, trading/market making and merchant banking.
Boasting 25% greater fuel efficiency than other main deck Air Freighters in its 90 ton or greater cargo class, the MD 11F and the newest member of the Pathfinder Air Resources fleet gleams brighter than its older siblings loading at the terminal.
The camera's lens focus range is 20 inches to infinity, with a built-in super macro mode boasting an impressive 4-inch to 20-inch range for crisp close-ups.
com offers the largest selection of Liquid Audio tracks available on the Internet, boasting more than 6,000 songs available for download.
Henley by Kettler round backed chair PS125 from John Lewis BOASTING a traditional design with ivy leaf effect, this steel mesh chair oozes elegance.
com, 70 per cent men confess to boasting, while 46 per cent admit they claim to be skilled in areas they're not and are conditioned to be more competitive than women and feel a greater need to impress, the Daily Express reported.
Upon entry, an L-shaped hallway with solid wood flooring leads to a spacious lounge boasting a Georgian-style bay window and coved ceiling, and a 21ft snooker/games room boasting solid wood flooring.
A BOY accused of a knife mugging aged just 10 poses on the internet boasting about his gangster status.
But if you say anything even close to "I got checked out," that's not sharing--that's boasting, which you say you don't want to do.
It is bigger and more aesthetically impressive, boasting white walls and concrete floors with a massive black and white checkerboard pattern.
Boasting compact shape and the latest technologies, our phones allow our customers to choose the right phone for their individual needs in all of our target markets across the globe.