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boast about (someone or something)

To speak proudly of someone or something, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. You're my daughter, and you have such good grades—of course I'm going to boast about you! He keeps boasting about his heroic actions, but he really didn't have that big of a role in the rescue efforts. Jim is boasting about the getting promotion, but the boss hasn't officially awarded it yet.
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boast about someone or something

 and boast of someone or something
to speak highly about someone or something that one is proud of. I just have to boast about my grandchildren. Do you mind? Is he boasting about his car again? I don't like to boast of what I did.
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nothing to boast about

not worth bragging about; mediocre. In high school, my grades were acceptable, but they were nothing to boast about. Jill: Does this town have a good library? Nancy: It's nothing to boast about.
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Besides, there is a local social culture that has produced the phenomenon of "pride" and boastfulness, whereby some citizens pride themselves with the number of workers they have, in reference to a "high" social and economic status.
Participants (N = 14) acting as independent judges rated the photos on 8-point scales (not at all factor to very factor) rating anger, sadness, resentment, happiness, remorse, boastfulness, fear, and criminality.
Ironically, many of the most cavalier of these anecdotes are supplied by a younger writer whose implicit boastfulness about his own sexual liberation comes at the expense of the better-known older figure.
His matter-of-fact response to the season is typical of a team who have not allowed their wounded pride to turn into boastfulness this year.
Gubicza's strength is that his insights don't come off as the boastfulness of a two-time All-Star pitcher who lasted 14 seasons - 13 for the Kansas City Royals, including a 20-win season in 1988.
Switch on Sky Sports 3, though, and you'll soon realise that life is definitely worth living as 48 greyhounds joyfully put on a spectacular show, exhibiting no pretensions, boastfulness or ostentation in the process.
In certain ways he does resemble his father: sneering boastfulness, shallow sexuality, arrogance, domineering stance.
In his marginal note, Chapman remarks upon "Ulysses' continued insolence" as he persists in taunting his defeated adversary, explaining that Odysseus bellows out his true name several times not simply "to repeate what he said to the Cyclop" but rather "to let his hearers know his Epithetes, and estimation in the world," a boastfulness that is, perhaps, the inescapable partner of Odysseus' irony and obliquity (166).
There's a boastfulness in his future-facing certainty that his poem will live long as "eyes can see" a braggadocio that puts death in its place.
One look at the spread of Alabama's distance learning program supports Heard's boastfulness.
Although Derrida evokes a paradox inherent in ethical subjectivity, his aim here is not to make us question the ethics of uprootedness, or to suggest that invoking uprootedness leads to the same arrogance and/or boastfulness of any claim to moral righteousness.
Hayward (2007) notes that striving, achieving leaders and managers often show four faults that can lead to leadership failure: (a) excessive pride and boastfulness, (b) failure to listen to people who are warning you that you are wrong, (c) failing to get feedback about the outcome of your programs, and (d) not planning for problems in advance.
I feel that I can say this without being accused of undue boastfulness, for it is a simple fact.
Her observation that the Arabian tongue "is ill-fitted for the expression of gentle thoughts" is contradicted by Abdoul's eloquence when, recounting the glories of his clan, he displays "the boastfulness peculiar to his race" (160, 163).