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boast about (someone or something)

To speak proudly of someone or something, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. You're my daughter, and you have such good grades—of course I'm going to boast about you! He keeps boasting about his heroic actions, but he really didn't have that big of a role in the rescue efforts. Jim is boasting about the getting promotion, but the boss hasn't officially awarded it yet.
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boast about someone or something

 and boast of someone or something
to speak highly about someone or something that one is proud of. I just have to boast about my grandchildren. Do you mind? Is he boasting about his car again? I don't like to boast of what I did.
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nothing to boast about

not worth bragging about; mediocre. In high school, my grades were acceptable, but they were nothing to boast about. Jill: Does this town have a good library? Nancy: It's nothing to boast about.
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The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration ( GTA) deal, which Mamata had once boastfully claimed to be the first achievement of her administration, is also in troubled waters over the inclusion of some mouzas in the Terai region.
Accordingly, the Doha platform which the NCP regime leader, the ICC indicted fugitive, Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir boastfully stated that it will be the only and the last forum for Darfur peace talks seems now in a vegetative state dying in an intensive care bed.
Since giving up smoking, I must boastfully inform you that I have become rather good and that my current best time for expert level is 101 seconds.
Yesterday's ruling that the unnamed refugees had been discriminated against, under the European Human Rights legislation which this Government in its early days gleefully - indeed, almost boastfully - embraced, is a blow to its humanitarian principles.
They believe they have a special way with girls and boastfully notch up each new conquest.
He didn't say it boastfully, because Johnson is far too serious, far too businesslike for that.
The TTP clan has boastfully claimed the fatal strike's responsibility, manifesting tellingly how terribly misplaced is the ruling hierarchy's hope to buy peace with the merchants of death and destruction with negotiations.
The oldest of the boys, Kamran, excitedly recounted how he had been to Paris some six months back and Gulkhan boastfully stated his claim to fame: " Sheila Dikshit held me in her arms when I was little.
His boastfully entitled Outstanding mix is full of the melodic and uplifting Trance that made Tiesto such a star.
He shies from overly effusive praise as surely as he critically examines every failure, few and far between as they are, in a manner that takes nothing away from his self belief but does not boastfully ram his genius into the bookies satchels.
This would change the landscape of Balochistan fundamentally, the pack blared boastfully.
Here's what Koel writes as she looks back on the year, " I can say, a little boastfully, that we've achieved all that we set out to.
One would have also expected that such a minister cannot attribute all the illegal activities of the corrupt system he boastfully claimed to have instituted from the start to another old system, which never existed before.
He is, of course, publicising his book which is boastfully titled Pride and Perjury and is dedicated to Victoria, the daughter he persuaded to lie for him in court.