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boast about (someone or something)

To speak proudly of someone or something, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. You're my daughter, and you have such good grades—of course I'm going to boast about you! He keeps boasting about his heroic actions, but he really didn't have that big of a role in the rescue efforts. Jim is boasting about the getting promotion, but the boss hasn't officially awarded it yet.
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boast about someone or something

 and boast of someone or something
to speak highly about someone or something that one is proud of. I just have to boast about my grandchildren. Do you mind? Is he boasting about his car again? I don't like to boast of what I did.
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nothing to boast about

not worth bragging about; mediocre. In high school, my grades were acceptable, but they were nothing to boast about. Jill: Does this town have a good library? Nancy: It's nothing to boast about.
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And the Boro supporters peering hopefully from the boastfully named "Fantastic Media Stand" at the other end will not have seen much of Scott McDonald getting the opener.
These publications feature shooters posing boastfully alongside animals they have just slaughtered.
After a few scenes of straight-forwardly observing the two petty thugs casting for extras In what will become the docu's gut-wrenching climax--the burning of a communist village that Congo and Koto boastfully intend to "make something that's even more sadistic than what you see in movies about Nazis"--"The Act of Killing" begins to reveal the disturbing influence movies had on the most violent period of their life.
A pineapple boastfully challenges a hare to a race.
Since no one tells me, I decided to make some public assumptions, which even 'they' may read and blush;I doubt the blushing bit though, for they, shamefully and boastfully will continue their mission to de- stroy any iota of decent con- duct left in our industry.
In this modern day, space age parable to Christian questions about free will and sin, Sheldon's novel follows the dangerous adventure of the outspoken Heosphoros after he boastfully declares, “It is impossible for us to spoil the universe by being disorderly
At this, the Kashag boastfully said, "The school was set up after obtaining permission from the Regent after due discussions between the Tibetan and the British governments.
He also boastfully assured the nation by reiterating his pledge that besides Bhasha all other big dames including Kala-Bagh would be built under 2016 Water Vision of his government to meet the country's growing water and energy requirements.
He boastfully proclaimed, "If you want to keep the army out, you have to bring it in".
Chance was on at 8-1 and he saw the funny side when a rather loud colleague of The Dikler boastfully showed the dual Cheltenham Gold Cup-winning trainer a betting ticket for 10-1.
The comedian Talaat Zakaria, famous for his cliches and tedious chatter, once surprised the nation when he boastfully disclosed that he had spent two hours talking with the former President in the garden of the presidential palace, adding that they'd tackled many topical issues
Though his correspondence to her remains unpublished, we can guess from Beauvoir's responses that it was solicitous, loving, and boastfully risque.
He boastfully claims that he made the 'damn right' decision.
I think IBM spots were the first to boastfully claim that when you were "ready to stop talking about innovation and start doing, then call us.
Another apt reference here might be Numbers, John Rechy's 1967 pioneering novel of gay sexual addiction and hustling in which sexual conquests spin obsessively out of control and are boastfully tallied.