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boast about (someone or something)

To speak proudly of someone or something, perhaps to an excessive or unwarranted degree. You're my daughter, and you have such good grades—of course I'm going to boast about you! He keeps boasting about his heroic actions, but he really didn't have that big of a role in the rescue efforts. Jim is boasting about the getting promotion, but the boss hasn't officially awarded it yet.
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boast about someone or something

 and boast of someone or something
to speak highly about someone or something that one is proud of. I just have to boast about my grandchildren. Do you mind? Is he boasting about his car again? I don't like to boast of what I did.
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nothing to boast about

not worth bragging about; mediocre. In high school, my grades were acceptable, but they were nothing to boast about. Jill: Does this town have a good library? Nancy: It's nothing to boast about.
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He mounts and begins to ride out of town, when suddenly Hunt Bromley, the young town boaster eager to make a reputation for himself, emerges from behind a tree his guns poised.
While still certainly an out-law and something of a boaster, Romero's Cisco is never cruel, and he always subordinates his own schemes or thwarts the criminal objectives of others for the senorita who is the object of his affections.
Thus the name Fadl Fakhouri suggests indeed an allegory of the religious conflict of the war, and, as a historian, his name calls him a boaster of a storyteller, someone fairly uncommitted to objective history as it really was.
The Norwegian Trygve Lie, the first United Nations General Secretary, proved an inept leader, but a great boaster.
All's Well That Ends Well, in turn, begins by inverting the New Comedic paradigm in which a father opposes the marriage of his son to a lower-class girl, then reconfigures the rhetorical swagger of the Roman boaster into Bertram's subtler values and actions, and ends by blending a Plautine recognition with the sin / repentance / forgiveness paradigm of Renaissance drama.
Headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY and with a satellite office in Fairfield, NJ, Atlantic Energy Solutions assesses the energy demands and usages of municipal, corporate and industrial complexes to improve conservation and apply measures to boaster savings at the consumer level.
Facing an approaching black and gold thunderbolt with an unwavering point, the boaster lost confidence and aim at the last moment and found himself flat on his back.
And yet the boring boaster couldn't spell illiterate, liaison or broccoli.
Gabby was never a boaster, he wasn't the type of player who would say 'I'm going to make it'.
And he wasn't a boaster, he was a very humble person," she said.
The group responds: "There was an approving nod all around as this quiet snub dropped on the boaster and 'settled' him" (79).
The smartphone marquee features include finger-print sensor (on home button), water-and-dust resistant body (IP67 certifications), heart-rate monitor (below camera module), download boaster, fifth generation Wi-Fi (802.
He told the Echo: "I'm not a big-headed boaster but if I ever meet Dick Richardson again I will give him a lesson he'll never forget.
But he was always a bit of a boaster and dreamer and would exaggerate his wealth.
The person who picks a luxury Boaster is likely to be the chief executive or chairman who will be an effective decision-maker with a high business acumen and sound judgment.