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you can't bluff a bluffer

It is very difficult to fool someone who is experienced in the ways of fooling other people. I know Bill thinks he can keep up with these star poker players, but you can't bluff a bluffer—they'll see through him for sure!
See also: bluff

bluff one's way out (of something)

to get out of a difficult situation by deception or cunning. I will try to bluff my way out of this mess.
See also: bluff, out, way

bluff someone into something

to mislead or deceive someone into doing something. Are you trying to bluff me into giving up without a fight? I won't be bluffed into revealing the whereabouts of the safe.
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bluff someone out (of something)

to get something away from someone through deception. We bluffed her out of her share of the pie. I bluffed Liz out of her rightful turn to drive.
See also: bluff, out

call someone's bluff

to demand that someone prove a claim or is not being deceptive. All right, I'll call your bluff. Show me you can do it! Tom said, "You've made me really angry, and I'll punch you if you come any closer!" "Go ahead," said Bill, calling his bluff.
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call your bluff

to make someone do what they said they will do He said he would help, and now his opponents have called his bluff and asked him to provide the funds.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of calling a bluff in a card game (forcing someone to show the cards they hold)
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bluff your way

to deceive others to get what you want Some teens used false IDs to bluff their way into casinos.
Usage notes: usually followed by a phrase starting with through, out of, or into, as in the example
See also: bluff, way

call somebody's bluff

to make someone prove that what they are saying is true, or to make someone prove that they will really do what they say they will do, because you do not believe them
Usage notes: If you are playing a card game and you call someone's bluff, you force them to show you the cards they have.
Alice called his bluff and dared him to tell everyone what he knew about her.
See also: bluff, call

call someone's bluff

Expose someone's deception, invite a showdown, as in I don't believe they have enough capital; I'm going to call their bluff. This term comes from poker, where bluffing (pretending) that one has better cards than one's opponents is an intrinsic part of the game, and calling someone's bluff means forcing them to show their cards. By the late 1800s it was being applied to other enterprises. Also see show one's hand.
See also: bluff, call

bluff (one's) way

To deceive someone or accomplish something by making a false display.
See also: bluff, way

call (someone's) bluff

To demand proof for or respond in a challenging way to the claims or threats of another that one presumes to be false.
See also: bluff, call
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The bluffers tend to be the ones who'll happily quote a famous part of a film, but can't tell you when it happens in the film, or else they'll quote a line, but get it slightly wrong.
He revealed it is easy for bluffers to smooth their way on to discussion programmes.
The best regional players then get to pit their wits against fellow full house hunters and bluffers to qualify for the national final at Dusk Till Dawn.
Bluffers guides to the Ashes: pages 28-29 Ashes special: sport pullout
All this week, though, we've been hearing from people who pretend they do - bluffers.
A quarter of men (25 per cent) admit to regularly bluffing about their ability under the bonnet suggesting that they are more car bluffers than car buffs.
You must know by now that most politicians and their cronies are either duffers or bluffers.
The research revealed the nation is made up of Techno Tinkerers (69 per cent), Techno No Ways (14 per cent), Techno Pros (12 per cent) and Techno Bluffers (five per cent).
YOU'RE FULL OF IT enables players to seamlessly connect to the Internet for the live game show version, where they can compete with bluffers worldwide.
Bluffers are too proud to ask the kids for help and suffer from gadget-induced anxiety.
So in a spirit of communion with you, loyal reader, who may not have the time but still has the inclination, here's a short-cut bluffers guide to the runners and riders of 2011.
I think that says a lot about the ability of the rest and it says something about the gullibility of the average fan who believes all the bull surrounding these bluffers who bleed every penny out of the game and only perform when they feel like it.
Only by reading their rivals' body language and behaviour can they hope to judge whether their opponents are pokerface bluffers or a genuine contenders who could jeopardise their place in the final.
On the contrary,it is rural life that will have to change to fit the national conscience,and not to accommodate the outmoded hobbies of toffs, duffers and bluffers.
There were the professional bluffers such as the one who claimed: "I am a personal friend of several TV personalities, who would be happy to act as referees.