blown up

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blown (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also blown away, blown (out).) You are blown as blazes, you twit!
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Younger visitors to the Blown Ups 4 Grown Ups open day will have the opportunity of testing the train while for adults there will be a human tabletop football charity competition along with several other inflatable games.
Blown Ups 4 Grown Ups director, Neil Bates, says that, while the company is primarily devoted to providing inflatable attractions for corporate days and fun events, 'we have had several requests for attractions for children and the unique appeal of the inflatable train made it ideal.
We've teamed up with Blown Ups 4 Grown Ups to offer two companies /groups or clubs up to five magnificent inflatable games to make your event one to remember.
Blown Ups 4 Grown Ups are fully insured to protect anyone using the equipment.
Please send your entry to Blown Ups 4 Grown Ups Birmingham Post promotion, PO Box 39, Birmingham, B4 6AH to be received by Thursday 19 February.
For details contact Blown Ups 4 Grown Ups on 0121 552 0011 quoting Birmingham Post