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1 2011-2016 Global Capacity, Production and Production Value of Blown Film Industry
2 2011-2016 Global Cost and Profit of Blown Film Industry
Complete blown film lines (conventional and AquaFrost) including all components for turnkey installations.
Single-screw extruders for blown film, pipe, profile, sheet, and wire/cable with 1- to 8-in.
Nine- or 10-layer blown film has the advantage over cast film of bi-orientation for greater cold strength.
A major attraction of nine-layer blown film is its more sparing use of expensive nylon.
Complete blown film extrusion systems from monolayer to 9-layer co-extrusion.
Blown film extrusion systems for up to nine-layer structures of HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PS, ionomer, PP, nylon, EVOH, PET and metallocenes.
Improving the quality of blown film, Rick von Kraus, Addex
Five- and seven-layer blown film dies for food packaging, Marcel Perrevort, Kuhne
Several builders of blown film machinery have also entered the MDO market with "starter units.
Other blown film machine builders have launched their own MDO orienters.
Reifenhauser ran the first blown film demo of such a motor at a show.
Two blown film dies sported unusual rotating cores, a technique commonly used in pipe and tubing dies to prevent weld lines, but not in blown film before now.