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(well,) I'll be blowed!

old-fashioned An expression of surprise or astonishment, especially regarding some recent revelation. Bob: "You know, if you run your washing machine at night you can save a lot of money on your electric bill." John: "I'll be blowed, I never knew that before!" Well, I'll be blowed! Who knew so many people would show up to see our concert?

I'll be blowed

used to express surprise, annoyance, etc. informal
See also: blowed

blowed (away)

mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. (see also blown away.) I was so blowed away I couldn’t see straight.
See also: away, blowed


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Chapter One, "The Hippest Corner in LA," describes the social and historical development of the Good Life/Project Blowed in the context of the city's ethnic diversity and the political, legislative, and economic developments that severely marginalized California's youth in the 1990s.
I've wasted my Saturday afternoon watching it, and I'll be blowed if I'm going to waste part of my Saturday evening thinking of something to say about it.
For Fud was born in 'aught-six, and when the Great Blizzard of 'fifty-seven blowed through New York in darkest March and buried the streets from Sheridan Square to Minton's and farther, the crews come out with their plows and shovels, and two days after, one truck turned the corner from Times Square onto 47th, and there on the left was a snow- bank big as Kelly's Stables with two legs sticking out at a angle in tuxedo pants.
Someone puts up a straw house, and the wolf blowed everything.
The light-house keeper said that when the wind blowed strong on to the shore, the waves ate fast into the bank.
The boy lets fly: "Well, see, I wuz just thinkin' 'bout the shame and humiliation I wuz feelin' while I watched you let your deputy git his brains blowed out, then seein' you git beat like an old rug in front'a all my friends and havin' ta realize that my Paw is nuthin' but a yellowbellied coward and how I gotta run away from home now so's nobody will know I'm yore son.
of tokens Nathan (SLI) felled 4 comed 3 catched 1 swimmed 1 Anne (MLU) bited 1 borned 1 hiddened 1 lied (instead of lay) 1 runned 1 thoughted 1 Becky (MLU) stealed 4 broked 2 comed 2 brokened 1 sawed 1 Carl (MLU) broked 8 comed 8 runned 3 catched 1 doned 1 falled 1 goned 1 Warren (MLU) comed 11 stucked 4 blowed 1 breaked 1 broked 1 Table 1.
In any case, in this translation, Sancho says things like: "I'll be blowed, gents, if the author of that book you've got there doesn't want to get on bad terms with me" (II, 59; 889).
That million-dollar Buttrick order," he said, "is blowed up, gone with the wind, down the drain, and lost in the deep blue sea
They all think I'm going to die," she thought, "but I'm blowed if that's going to happen.
Sometimes, too, the message gets slipped in under the humor, as in "I knowed a man and he was foreman and he was so stingy that when three of his men on the job got blowed up, he docked 'em for the time they was up in the air.
She immediately jotted down the words verbatim to turn over to the FBI: "You better move that van or you'll be one blowed up bitch.
PHEBE: And to keep my mouth shut when the wind blowed -
Triggered by McMurphy, the gradual revival of Bromden's own humanity and self-esteem is consistently described in terms of physical growth: "I looked down and saw how my foot was bigger than I'd ever remembered it, like McMurphy's just saying it had blowed it twice its size" (210).
All through de day de ole horn wuz blowed, to git up in de mo'nings, to go to de big kitchen out in Mars' back yard ter eat, to go to de fields, an' to come in an' on lak dat all day".