blow down

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blow someone or something down

[for a rush of air] to knock someone or something over. The wind blew Chuck down. The tornado blew down many buildings.
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BAMM allows pipelines to measure fugitive and vented emissions without a company having to re-engineer a compressor station to make access to a blow down vent, for example, safe for a worker.
The number of deaths and injuries was greatly increased by the presence of workers in temporary trailers near the blow down stack and the failure to evacuate personnel when it became apparent pressure was building in the ISOM unit and that vapors were being vented to the atmosphere.
The decision to place the trailers near the blow down stack was preceded by hazard reviews that did not recognize the possibility that multiple failures by ISOM unit personnel could result in such a massive flow of fluids and vapors to the blow down stack.
1) Venting blow down lines outside and away from work areas.
Tenders are invited for Blow down valve 1 and half inch 40mm bronze parallel slide blow down valve flanged ends.
Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of rail watchdog Passenger Focus, said: "A chill wind will blow down many of Britain's platforms when passengers find out their new fares.
The gusty winds, which heat up as they blow down over the hills toward the ocean, could reach speeds of up to 45 mph in the passes and canyons, according to the National Weather Service.
GORAN Ivanisevic beat Dutchman Jan Siemerink 6-3 0-6 7-6 in thefirst round of the Guardian Direct Cup - despite fearing the tent theywere playing in was about to blow down.
I was looking at the tent and expectingit to blow down.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- While Hurricane Georges huffed and puffed, he could not blow down Orange Beach Alabama's Perdido Beach Resort.
I had to blow down his chest, blow hot air on his neck, his face.
Tenders are invited for The following jobs Digging of blow down channel of 4 m long 260 mm wide and 200 mm deep, soil dressing & concreting the sides , Making of steel frame for checker plates (for the newly constructed channel), fabrication of MS checker plates of 6 mm thickness and 200 mm width to cover 4 m long channel & painting them with 1 coat of primer & 2 coats of enamel paint, Making of steel frame for checker plates (for an existing
blow down channel), fabrication of MS checker plates
Reiterating its commitment towards sustainable and green initiatives, Tata Power installed a Reverse Osmosis plant at Power House #6, Jamshedpur, in order to recover and reuse the blow down water from cooling towers.
Blow down water is the routinely shed waste water from these cooling towers which contains highly-dissolved solid content.