blow cool

blow (one's) cool

To lose one's composure.
See also: blow, cool
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Later in the week, the high pressure will dissipate, and winds will turn into onshore winds that will blow cool, moist air from the ocean into Western Oregon, bringing a slight but increased chance of showers, according to the weather service.
Standard and custom-built cooling bins are available with optional built-in blowers that blow cool air through the perforated steel tray bottom.
The system will blow cool air below the seats and cool the field.
Infamous weather plan: "cooling technology for the stadiums that will, among other things, blow cool air over the ankles and necks of spectators.
Shuttle then uses a large, ultra quiet fan to blow cool air across the module and remove heat from the system.
It has a thermostat, a frost switch and it will blow cool air for hot summer days.
While the adhesive layer is being warmed, it is important to blow cool air on the underside of the profile so that the bulk temperature of the material does not exceed 212 [degrees] F.
2) Fans blow cool air into the convection cell to cool the laptop and force the hot air out and up.
My back doesn't want the E63 to go back to its home because this one is fitted with electric seats that not only blow cool air on to your back and bum but also give you a free massage.