blow away

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blow away

[for something light] to be carried away by the wind. The leaves blew away on the autumn winds. My papers blew away!
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blow someone away

1. Sl. [for something shocking or exciting] to overwhelm a person; to excite a person very much. The amount of the check blew me away. The loud noise from the concert blew me away.
2. Sl. to murder someone, usually by gunfire. Mr. Big ordered Lefty to blow Max away. Max tried to blow Lefty away.
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blow someone or something away

[for the wind] to carry someone or something away. The wind almost blew her away. It nearly blew away all the houses.
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blow somebody away

also blow away somebody
1. to cause someone great pleasure or surprise knock somebody off their feet Everyone I tell that story to, I mean everyone, is just blown away. That new exhibit of ancient gold objects at the museum is so amazing, it will blow you away! Related vocabulary: blow your mind
2. to defeat someone completely The Warriors ended an 11-game losing streak by blowing away the Boston Beans 101-87.
3. (slang) to kill someone It's basically a dull movie except for the scene where Francie gets to blow away some bad guys. You know, it probably won't be an accident that blows me away but some health problem. Related vocabulary: blow somebody's brains out
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blow away

1. Kill, especially by gunshot or explosion. For example, The unit reported that the whole village was blown away. This usage became particularly widespread in the 1960s, during the Vietnam War. [Slang; early 1990s]
2. Overcome easily; defeat decisively. For example, Ann said the test would be easy; she would just blow it away, or Jim was sure his crew could blow away their opponents. [Slang; 1960s] Also see blow off, def. 5.
3. Impress greatly, overwhelm with surprise, delight, or shock, as in That music really blew me away. [Slang; c. 1970] Also see blow one's mind.
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blow away

1. To be carried or pushed away by the force of moving air: I left the newspaper on the table and it blew away.
2. To carry or push something away by the force of moving air: The wind blows the fallen leaves away. The storm blew away all the laundry from the clothesline.
3. Slang To affect someone intensely in mind or emotion: Your wonderful new poems really blow me away. Their amazing performance blew away every member of the audience.
4. Slang To kill someone, especially with a firearm: The gang entered their rival's hideout, ready to blow away everyone. The thieves threatened to blow me away if I didn't tell them where I hid the money.
5. Slang To defeat someone or something decisively: The confident chess player blew away every challenger. The visiting soccer team was much better than our team and easily blew us away.
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However, this second quarter is just going to blow away anything that Softnet has ever accomplished before.
With 825 yards passing in Hart's first two games, Kyle Boller not only has shown he's the best quarterback in the area but he's also on pace to blow away the Southern Section and state record for yards in a season.
My wishes are for the people at TED to blow away some more barriers and build an online activist community of ONE million Americans for The ONE Campaign; achieve ONE billion media hits for the ONE billion people living on less than ONE dollar a day; and for ONE African country, Ethiopia, to wire up every clinic and school," Bono said in accepting the award.
The storm was expected to blow away today, but a stronger storm was predicted to arrive Thursday, making it a race for the women to get up to the peak and down again to Whitney Portal.
Amazon will either have to blow away all earnings estimates on Wall Street, or show strong growth rate acceleration to justify higher valuations.
However, BioGro officials said enclosing the operation would be too expensive and instead proposed a compromise that included submitting yearly reviews, doubling its letter of credit to $10 million for the cleanup of potential problems and putting tarps over material that could blow away.
WWF Royal Rumble' is going to blow away both WWF and Dreamcast enthusiasts," stated Jennifer Richmond, vice president of marketing for JAKKS Pacific.
Critics of the project, including residents of Antelope Acres and Rosamond who live near the site, believe there is potential for the material either to seep into ground water or blow away and cause health problems.