blow a hole in

blow a hole in something

if you blow a hole in someone's opinions or arguments, you show that they are not true or right Bloodstains on the sheets blew a hole in the defence's argument.
See also: blow, hole

blow/make a hole in something

if something makes a hole in an amount of money, it takes a lot of that money to pay for it The trip made a hole in our savings, but it was worth it. The new tax is likely to blow an enormous hole in our profits.
See blow a hole in, need like a hole in the head
See also: blow, hole
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After all, just about everyone would welcome a policy that would blow a hole in the deficit.
So we assumed that the president misspoke, that he meant to say something else - such as that a big tax cut would blow a hole in his deficit-reduction program or blow a hole in the budget itself.
Could they be fearful that the proposed tax cut just might blow a hole in Dole's deficit in the polls?