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A letter penned to the council by a resident, reads, "This is a truly awful blot on the landscape of what has otherwise been a successful renovation of a house in an important part of Richmond.
The Cathedral is a vast soulless cavern internally and a blot on the landscape externally.
I agreed they are a blot on the landscape but came up with a simple idea: why not paint them camouflage colours to blend in with the hillside?
It is neither a monstrosity nor a blot on the landscape.
They also fear that wind farms reaching the end of their useful life will be left as a blot on the landscape.
I particularly agree with the many letters asking what is happening to the blot on the landscape that is Cathedral Lanes shopping centre.
The 1960s Tyne Bridge Tower, which used to be offices for tax collectors, has long been considered a blot on the landscape.
Yesterday councillors approved proposals for the Derwydd Bach wind farm at Melin Y Wig, near Corwen, even though residents and community groups feared the 120m development would be a blot on the landscape.
Polytunnels may produce a temporary blot on the landscape in the Spring, but during the wet May they saved the pounds 80m English strawberry harvest.
He has not entered the howling wind farm argument to date but a close friend of the Prince was quoted as saying, 'He believes they are a horrendous blot on the landscape.
Rather than have that particular blot on the landscape back, it would be a better idea to trade King Kong and that other shabby eyesore, the Rotunda, with thepeople of Lille.
Stephen Bowcott, of Mowlam Building which funded the demolition, said: "It was widely hated and a blot on the landscape for far too long.
Paul Miner, from the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said: "Just as it is developing new, shorter pylon designs, National Grid should rectify this problem by coming up with a new gas marker design that is less of a blot on the landscape.
The carbon footprint to manufacture these monstrous turbines more than covers the supposed savings, the blot on the landscape is gross and what damage they will do to tourism in the North East is yet to be seen.
Coun Gazey tries to sidestep the real issue which is that none of the public ward councillors represented the views or interests of the majority of Keresley residents on this proposed blot on the landscape.