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go gathering orange blossoms

To look for a wife. The phrase refers to the frequent use of orange blossoms as wedding decorations symbolizing the bride's innocence. I'm quite certain that Sir Andrew went to town to go gathering orange blossoms, so we'd best get ready for a wedding!

blossom forth

1. Lit. [for a plant] to burst into flower. All the trees blossomed forth at the same time. Each spring my tulips blossom forth in all their glory.
2. Fig. [for someone or a concept] to develop or grow quickly. A wonderful idea blossomed forth and caught on quickly. That summer she suddenly blossomed forth into a young woman.
See also: blossom, forth

blossom into something

1. Lit. [for a plant] to develop into full bloom. The bush blossomed into beautiful red roses. Imagine this brown old bulb blossoming into a lovely flower.
2. Fig. [for someone or a concept] to develop into something. She blossomed into a lovely young lady. The idea blossomed into a huge real estate development.
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blossom out

1. Lit. [for a plant or tree] to become covered with flowers. The apple tree blossomed out for the last time.
2. Fig. [for someone or a concept] to develop fully, physically and intellectually. She blossomed out in her studies and her excellent grades showed it. In her last year in school, she blossomed out.
See also: blossom, out

bring something into blossom

to make a plant or tree bloom. The special plant food brought the rosebush into blossom. The roses were brought into blossom by the lovely weather.
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come into bloom

 and come into blossom 
1. [for a flower] to bloom. This rose comes into bloom later in the summer. When do they normally come into blossom?
2. [for a plant, bush, or tree] to begin to have many blossoms. When do these bushes come into bloom? They come into blossom in June.
See also: bloom, come

in blossom

 and in bloom
blooming; covered with blossoms. All the apple trees are in blossom now. When are the fruit trees in bloom in this part of the country?
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blossom into

Also, blossom out. Develop, flourish, as in She's blossomed into a fine young woman, or His business has blossomed out and he's doing well. [Second half of 1800s]
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toddy blossom

n. a large pimple from too much drinking. (see also strawberry.) He was sporting a toddy blossom that would be the envy of any bum on skid row.
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References in classic literature ?
And there came a marvellous light in the sky and over the hills, as if the darkness of the night had suddenly blossomed into a wonderful meadow of flowery flame; and all the shepherds saw the angels and heard them sing.
The dandelions carpeted the three lawns,-- they used to be lawns, but have long since blossomed out into meadows filled with every sort of pretty weed,-- and under and among the groups of leafless oaks and beeches were blue hepaticas, white anemones, violets, and celandines in sheets.
It happened that where the Prince's father lay buried, there grew a rose tree--a most beautiful rose tree, which blossomed only once in every five years, and even then bore only one flower, but that was a rose
From the middle upper window blossomed in the dusk a waving, snowy, fluttering, wonderful, divine emblem of forgiveness and promised joy.
Ye have, verily, all blossomed forth: it seemeth to me that for such flowers as you, NEW FESTIVALS are required.
If Oliver were behindhand in these respects, he knew where the best were to be found; and morning after morning they scoured the country together, and brought home the fairest that blossomed.
So the bud blossomed into a flower, and the year which saw her father the richest of the farmers left her as fair a specimen of American girlhood as could be found in the whole Pacific slope.
MERSyN (CyHAN)- When the temperatures hit above seasonal normal in the southern province of Mersin, almond trees in Silifke district blossomed, which astonished the locals.
A maguey originally from Mexico blossomed Wednesday at Tokyo's Hama detached palace in what is thought to be the first such blossoming in Japan for 70 years.