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The bloom of youth is a must-have for lips and cheeks and this combination will always leave you looking fresh as a daisy.
The bloom of youth is a must-have for lips and cheeks, and this combination will always leave you looking fresh as a daisy.
A female friend of mine (not in the first bloom of youth I might add) sat on my sofa, took a deep breath, gave a long low ecstatic moan then sank back into the cushions with glazed eyes then sighed as she said: "That was absolute bliss.
A gentleman not in the first bloom of youth was tempted to share a belly dancer's carpet.
While there is no future to their relationship--Big John dismisses a slightly older boy whose bloom of youth has begun to fade--Cuesta presents his cautionary tale as a coming-of-age for Howie, whose ultimate sexual orientation is left ambiguous.
The metallic shine given off by gold and silver is good for older skin because it brings back the bloom of youth.
Do the marriage vows spoken in the bloom of youth and love require total self-abnegation and the destruction of one partner's spirit and sanity?
What was not such a stick–on certainty was that the follow–up film – about the continuing adventures of a bunch of former agents who are no longer in the full bloom of youth (Retired Extremely Dangerous, if you were wondering) would also be such great fun.
She still has the bloom of youth and her partying hasn't taken its toll yet.
The crunch will come one day, when we suddenly have to start paying new money for something past its first bloom of youth.
If it's about the first bloom of youth, then the teenagers from Young People's Chorus of NYC embodied it more than the dancers.
While reviewers said he was nearly immobile and his voice lacked the bloom of youth, they were also struck by moments when the distinctive, sweet ringing sound was still there; the voice that sold millions of recordings.
You're either still in the luscious bloom of youth or you have oodles of money, time and access to a good nip and tuck man.
The bloom of youth in his cheeks and the cheeks of youth in his bloomers.
Playing styles vary from the vaguely indifferent townspeople or whatever, who waved ragged banners about at the opening of the play and managed to look distinctly puzzled, to the Lavinia of Eve Myles; a performance which was disturbingly authentic and caught beautifully the descent into horror of a young patrician in the bloom of youth who was reduced to a mute cripple.