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have a blond moment

To do something unintelligent, forget something, or act strangely, often foolishly. The use of "blond" comes from the stereotype that people with blond hair are not as smart. For that reason, it can be considered somewhat derogatory. I thought mom knew Joe's phone number, but she's having a blond moment and can't remember it either.
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blond moment

n. a lapse in thinking, something like a senior moment. Sorry. I was having a blond moment. And that’s hard for a redhead.
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I have never (openly at least) been accused of being thick due to my blondness, but I have to admit being mistaken for the office secretary on more than one occasion.
Two thousand years from now, when archaeologists dig up our landfills, think of the non-biodegradable playthings they'll discover: Super-soaker water guns, impossibly pectoral action figures, and that fashion plate for the ages, Barbie, her synthetic blondness impervious to the ravages of passing millennia.
33) Paul Fussell, 275-76, observes that "during the war those who found beauty even in German corpses tended to find it in blond ones," and "the equation of blondness with special beauty and value helps explain the frantic popularity of Rupert Brooke.
The culturally esteemed blondness of the Virgin Mary, with which the other two women cannot compete, is used in the poem for yet a further effect.
The young receptionist with fluffed blonde hair seems nervous as we wait in the front room for our producer - Mister Satan strumming quietly, Miss Macie casting her evil eye at blondness in general, me sprawled in a comer chair, partaking considerably of her mania.
Stahl, who is currently in her 10th season as co-editor of "60 Minutes," and who served as CBS News' White House correspondent for over a decade, discusses topics including the sexism she encountered in the Carter White House, the challenges she has faced juggling her career and her family, and the two things she felt she has always had to overcome- her femaleness, and her blondness.
With a stage persona that is a mix of Marilyn Monroe, Bette Midler and Dean Martin, Worcester's Nicole "Niki" Luparelli has been wowing area audiences with her ditzy blondness, bawdy brassiness and lovable (let's hope pretend) drunkenness.
Later, in the August heat, the green folds of the Beauce gradually turn yellow, the prismatic process materializing as a sea of blondness, an incandescent ocean: "[La nappe verte] etait maintenant une mer blonde, incendiee, qui semblait refleter le flamboiement de l'air, une mer roulant sa houle de feu, au moindre souffle" (4: 564).
The monumental, Aryan-looking track teamster in Trifekta (Ice, Ice Baby), 1998, flaunts his beefy blondness, underlined by his "Vikings" uniform.
So you think about Pitt's stunning, utter blondness - which is better than dwelling on his ``Hogan's Heroes'' Austrian accent, or his curious ability to stay young while the Dalai Lama he's tutoring ages, well, seven years.
The Marquise's blondness is a good example of how tropes of leisure literature come to have an impact on the Entretiens.
My 7-year-old is destined for tall, thin blondness, so I figured it would be best to teach her to ignore stuff like that now.