block out

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block something out

1. to obscure a clear view of something. The trees blocked the sun out. The bushes blocked out my view of the car that was approaching.
2. to lay something out carefully; to map out the details of something. She blocked it out for us, so we could understand. Let me block out this project for you right now.
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block out something

also block something out
1. to ignore something After a while you become good at forcing yourself to block out the pain. Related vocabulary: blot out something
2. to make time available When was the last time you blocked out two hours to do whatever you felt like doing?
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block out

1. To prevent something from being seen: The smoke from the volcano blocked out the sun. This Internet filter blocks obscene language out.
2. To deliberately forget or stop thinking about something, especially something that is unpleasant: She blocked out the horrible details of the accident. The memories of his childhood were painful, and he blocked them out as much as he could.
3. To lay out or present the details of something: The director blocked out the actors' movements on stage. The city council blocked the new budget out.
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