block off

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block something off

to prevent movement through something by putting up a barrier; to close a passageway. Sam blocked the corridor off with a row of chairs. He used some chairs to block off the hallway.
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Over the last two years, One Block Off the Grid reports Arizona membership has grown by a dramatic 98.
San Francisco based 1 Block Off the Grid is a nationwide consumer-based initiative, the largest in the country, that focuses on driving the adoption of residential renewable energy and sustainable living solutions through education and community.
economy forward," said One Block Off the Grid Founder and CEO Dave Llorens.
Not all solar leases are created equal," said Dave Llorens, CEO and founder of One Block Off the Grid.
In addition, BioNexus has FDA approval to explore the use of the compound in sterilization procedures that block off the fallopian tubes of women.
In addition to offering the new solar lease in Massachusetts, One Block Off the Grid has launched the solar lease in New Jersey and the greater Los Angeles metro area.
Boyle shot ``28 Days Later'' on digital video, which gave him the freedom to quickly flit about London in the wee small hours of the morning, block off streets and, thus, convey a frighteningly queasy sense of post-apocalyptic doom.
May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- One Block Off the Grid today announced the availability of a new solar lease designed to let New Jersey homeowners get solar energy for little to no money down to start saving immediately on monthly electricity bills.
For example, Conacchio Enterprises, LLC is developing two buildings on a square block off Spring Street, next to a new fire facility.
The Phoenix-based company vowed to file a lawsuit and block off the portion of Golden Valley Road on its property unless city government deals with the issues.
Housing provided in cardboard boxes in one of the empty lots a block off of the Strip.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today solar group-buying leader One Block Off the Grid (One Block, www.
The Kalikow Group, through its affiliate K & S Storage II, LLC, will develop a new, state-of-the-art 740-unit 100,000 square-foot self-storage facility at the site of the former Singer Sewing Machine facility at 102-21 95th Avenue, one block off Atlantic Avenue in Ozone Park, Queens.
The victory today is monumental for the simple fact that there is no property left anywhere to do a movie ranch set in the 29-mile studio zone - buffered by hills, never been filmed before and one block off a paved road.
5 of OfficeLink 2000 also adds a port-grouping feature that enables administrators to block off segments of the server for specific users.