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I don't think Rooney is blindingly quick, but then neither was Alan Shearer at his peak.
Thank goodness this time it didn't need a naked parade to show the authorities the blindingly obvious.
THERE are nearly six months to go but St Helens coach Shaun McRae must be odds on to win the award for the most blindingly obvious comment of the year, writes Mark Worwood.
The best of these paintings are either the most blindingly bright, or else the darkest, where it seems as though one's retinas were already burning out.
I can't help but think the reason is blindingly obvious.
The Anaphylaxis Campaign's Moira Austin said people thought they were "stating the blindingly obvious", adding: "The law does not require these additional warnings.
SPENT a week in Audi's new TT, and thought it blindingly good.
That title track at least is destined to join the list of Satriani classics, using as it does the tried and tested formula of a catchy hook that is the platform for blindingly fast fretwork and screaming feedback and the kind of jaunty showmanship that kept the whole show rattling along at a frantic pace.
Pity he can't take a leaf out of the books of some of our leading Premiership clubs, because it's blindingly obvious we can still teach those Yanks a thing or two when it comes to finance and wheeler dealing.
Can Health Secretary John Reid not recognise the blindingly obvious?
The ability of scientists to prove what has already been known for years - the art of stating the blindingly obvious - never fails to amaze.
Its ultra-low voltage i7-2677M processor is blindingly quick, notching clock speeds up to 2.
Anyone ploughing through its 230 pages of facts and figures could not escape the blindingly obvious conclusion that life is rather better for the haves than the have-nots.
I've just spent the last three weeks hooning round in a 207 HDi 110 Sport, and have to say it's blindingly good.
Not only because of Sergio Leone's unremittingly violent yet tongue in cheek take on the Western (this was the first Spaghetti Western) and Clint Eastwood's blindingly enigmatic portrayal of The Man With No Name, but because of the fistful of extras.