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able to do something blindfolded

 and able to do something standing on one's head
Fig. able to do something very easily, possibly without even looking. (Able to can be replaced with can.) Bill boasted that he could pass his driver's test blindfolded.
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do blindfolded

Also, do standing on one's head. Perform very easily, as in Dave said he could do the income tax return blindfolded, or An excellent carpenter, he could do just about anything standing on his head. For a synonymous hyperbolic expression, see with one arm tied.
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Brief use of a trick, see-through blindfold led 18-month-olds to assume that a blindfolded adult could see objects in plain view, even though 18-month-old children rarely make such a mistake.
Workers from Boots opticians, Coventry Building Society and Randstad employment Bureau are among those taking part in a blindfold driving challenge in Fillongley, near Nuneaton.
Mr Furnace said the man often wore a balaclava during the attacks and lay in wait for his victims, equipped with a kit to tie them up and blindfold them.
The dozens of blindfolds, strips of cloth mostly in dark colors, support survivors' accounts that up to 7,000 men were slaughtered by the Bosnian Serbs who overran the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica the past summer.
Thus Caballito (Horsey, 1985) is nothing but the kitsch, nightmare version of one of the most popular toys for infants: a wooden frame, wrapped with blindfolds painted with brilliant-green industrial paint, whose head is "decorated" by two eyes bulging out of their sockets and a protruding tongue the color of blood.
NICE TO SEE YOU Danny Simpson removes his blindfold after trying out sightless soccer
Working in pairs, 10 and 11-year-olds at the school have taken it in turns to blindfold each other as part of a look at World War II.
At Kingsley House we sometimes use blindfolds for putting horses into the swimming pool and to avoid any risk of a horse ending up in the pool with a blindfold still in place, we have a string attached and looped around an attendants wrist.
They also tested three nearly blind persons, who had some residual vision at the periphery of their gaze; seven sighted people wearing blindfolds; and 29 sighted people without blindfolds.
When I joined it was led by giants, now it's led by pygmies in grey suits wearing blindfolds.
He ties her to the bed frame, blindfolds and gags her and rapes her several times," Montgomery said.
Blindfolds are unsuitable When will trainers wake up and realise that blindfolds induce terror and panic?
While the walkers were able to take off their blindfolds, for 45 million worldwide blindness is real.
Sahadi had experimented with blindfolds before, but Lit de Justice didn't like them, apparently because they covered his ears.