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have blinders on

To be oblivious to something that exists or is happening right around one. ("Blinders" are pieces of leather that are used to limit a horse's peripheral vision.) I must have blinders on when I walk around town because I didn't notice any of those new businesses that are opening.
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play a blinder

To do something exceptionally well and with a great amount of skill. Primarily heard in UK. The whole team played well, but that new scrum-half really played a blinder out on the pitch! I have to say, for a newcomer in the political arena, the newly elected MP for Middlesborough played an absolute blinder this election.
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play a blinder

perform very well. informal
Dating from the 1950s, blinder is a colloquial term for ‘a dazzlingly good piece of play’ in sport, especially in rugby or cricket.
2001 Sun Gilles will start and I would just love him to play a blinder and score a couple of goals to knock Southampton out of the cup.
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Peaky Blinders has proved a nation-s wide hit, following the story of the Shelbys, a family of Small Heath gangsters after the First World War.
You never know, he might come along - maybe when we get the Peaky Blinders theme nights off the ground after Christmas.
What "facts" does Blinder cite for the proposition that they did not contribute to the housing bubble?
Blinder goes on to give similar information about the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department's responses.
My biggest complaint, however, is that Blinder fails to place the credit bubble in the context of the massive global-trade imbalances of the past two decades.
Nothing calamitous has happened," Blinder concedes, reviewing the numbers.
Asked to comment on the view that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is less bold than his predecessor Alan Greenspan in terms of monetary policy, Blinder said what action the Fed takes on Tuesday will help determine Bernanke's reputation.
On the subject of decisions by committees, Blinder believes that committee decisions move central banks from doing the bidding of the prevailing government to acting independently.
Two-fifths of the respondents report that their marginal costs are declining, though, as Blinder notes, they may be mistakenly thinking of average rather than marginal costs.
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WESTBORO -- The Congregational Church of Westborough will host Russian pianists Ellina Blinder and Janara Khassenova for "The Nutcracker Suite'' at 3 p.
Just Gilbert, racing for the five-box, was the pensioner of the group, with Carneys Racer, trap six, a year younger, while Barrhill Blinder wore the two jacket to represent the 2005 generation.
In 2006, Princeton University economist and former Federal Reserve vice chairman Alan Blinder made a splash with his claim that 30 to 40 million American jobs could become vulnerable to offshore competition over the next two decades.
We have already spent a tremendous amount of money on building systems and upgrades, and are now moving aggressively into the public areas, and Beyer, Blinder Belle is a natural partner for the world's most famous office building.