blind to

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blind to (something)

Ignoring something; oblivious to something. Kara worships her father and is completely blind to his shortcomings. She is going to be heartbroken once she learns about his embezzlement. I know you're blind to any issues with your car, but unless you want it to break down, you're going to have to take it to the shop.
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blind someone to something

Fig. to prevent someone from seeing or understanding something. The king blinded his subjects to what was going on by controlling what appeared in the newspapers. The lies and confusion blinded Jill to what was happening. She blinded herself to all his faults.
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The patented Swift Set System enables the blind to be set up in seconds and fold flat for transportation and storage.
Portability and super quick setup allow the blind to rank with models that cost much more.
A second modification uses a residential training center for the blind to allow a larger group of older blind persons to live for a time in an atmosphere most conducive to dealing with the problems of blindness and to take advantage of all of the available instructional facilities.
I applaud Apple for its commitment to accessibility and look forward to continuing to work with the National Federation of the Blind to ensure that rapid progress is made in making the iTunes software and services usable by everyone.
Conveniently located zippers allow the blind to be used in a wide range of waterfowl and other hunting situations.
The blind's triangular shape disappears into the landscape, and stubble straps allow the blind to be brushed with native vegetation.
The ruling will do nothing to alleviate that situation; in fact, it seriously endangers the ability of the blind to get jobs and participate fully in society.
Jacob Bolotin, the first man born totally blind to become fully licensed to practice medicine.
Access to information of all kinds, such as that contained on Internet Web sites and in the press, is certainly critical to the ability of the blind to become productive members of society.
During product testing for the Opteva line, it was members of the NFB who suggested the location of the audio jack that enables those who are blind to use headphones and voice guidance at the ATM.
Marc Maurer, President of the National Federation of the Blind, said: "The National Federation of the Blind led the effort to make it possible for the blind to vote independently and in secret, like all other Americans.
There is no doubt that this program has significant impact on helping older individuals who are blind to have more independently in their homes and communities and to participate more actively in the social, recreational, and civic of their communities.
Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) today announced a partnership to collaborate on the development and first field testing of a prototype device that will allow the blind to "feel" electronic images and graphics.