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bless your pointy little head

A condescending phrase used to patronize someone for being foolish or not very bright. You failed the exam because you thought the sun was a planet? Aw, bless your pointy little head.
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bless the world with (one's) heels

To be hanged. A: "Did you hear what happened to the fellow that got caught robbing the general store? He blessed the world with his heels today." B: "Wow. I didn't know that was an offense punishable by hanging."
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Bless one's lucky star,

 and Bless one's stars.
Prov. Be thankful for a lucky thing that happened. (Also Bless my Stars!, a mild interjection of surprise.) I bless my lucky star that I met you, dear. I was in a car crash yesterday, and I bless my stars that no one was hurt. Alan: Look, honey! I gave the house a thorough cleaning while you were away. Jane: Bless my stars!
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bless someone or something with something

[for God or fate] to give someone or something a valuable gift. God has blessed us with a bountiful harvest. Nature blessed the morning with a gentle rain.
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(God) bless you

may you have good health “The road just stops and - ah-choo!” “Bless you.” “Thank you.”
Usage notes: said to someone who has just sneezed
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bless your heart

you are a good person “I changed the whole engine in one of my sons' trucks.” “Well, bless your heart.”
Usage notes: also used to wish someone good health or good luck: “I spent most of the day Sunday in the emergency room, and I just got home last night.” “Oh, bless your heart.”
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Bless her/his cotton socks.

  (British & Australian humorous)
something that you say when you want to express affection for someone My little niece - bless her cotton socks - won the school poetry prize this year.
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bless you

Used to wish good health to a person who has just sneezed.
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12 In Genesis 32:1, Laban blesses his sons (presumably grandsons) and daughters, the only instance of undefined blessings between humans prior to Genesis 47:7.
Then after Noah is blessed with progeny (9:1) he blesses God, the first use of b-r-kh by a human (9:26), and the most profoundly positive utterance he can imagine.
Cardinal Mahony blesses the animals with holy water, above.
2) Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, blesses palm fronds at a Burbank church to open Holy Week celebration.
Photo: (1--color) Cardinal Roger Mahony blesses one of the horses used by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on Saturday.
Hundreds flock to her daily to lay their heads upon her lap or shoulder and hear her soothingly chant ``amamamama'' as she blesses them.
Julia Christian, right, blesses Judy and Bob Daggs' canine pals Skip, Mousse and Frank at St.
Photo: (1--Color) Bishop Thomas Curry blesses the ground where the new and enlarged sanctuary of St.
And it helped us remember that we are always sons and daughters of Mother Church, who blesses us with drops from her fingertips lest we forget whose children we are.
Jesus reverses roles, as God did with Abraham, becomes their host, and blesses the two disciples by his presence in word and action.
However, just as the story of Abraham's hospitality to strangers revealed that the stranger was God (who blesses the host), so also two classical references in the New Testament emphasize the critically important point that hospitality to strangers is hospitality to Jesus, who also blesses the encounters.
Norm Supancheck, a chaplain at Bishop Alemany High School, blesses the cars and their passengers.
In Christ, God the Father "with every spiritual blessing" blesses Christians (Eph.
HOLY DAY HOME: The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, officially blesses the Llandaff Breakaway Caravan at Trecco Bay, Porthcawl