blessed with

blessed with something

lucky to have a special quality or character She's been blessed with the sort of slim figure and very good looks everyone else wishes they had.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of blessed with something (to be given something with God's help)
See also: blessed
References in classic literature ?
As I had now only one regular pupil--though she contrived to give me as much trouble as three or four ordinary ones, and though her sister still took lessons in German and drawing--I had considerably more time at my own disposal than I had ever been blessed with before, since I had taken upon me the governess's yoke; which time I devoted partly to correspondence with my friends, partly to reading, study, and the practice of music, singing, &c.
It was rather incoherent and flowery, as maiden speeches are apt to be, but the end was considered superb; for, turning to his mother with a queer little choke in his voice, he said that she "deserved to be blessed with peace and plenty, to be crowned with roses and lads'-love, and to receive the cargo of happiness sailing home to her in spite of wind or tide to add another Jem to the family jewels.
His eye took in at a glance the plump, cheerful countenance of the mistress of the place, and he at once perceived there was no occasion for dissembling with her, or of fearing anything from one blessed with such a joyous physiognomy.
Moses, the servant of God-he was but a servant, please to understand-Moses blessed with the hands; he held out both his arms while the Hebrews beat their enemies, and then he blessed them with his two hands.
Jacob, in his 90s, has been blessed with children and re-entered the Land.
Therefore we who stand in this tradition also are blessed with the name of God and also have been made God's people through the bestowing of God's name.
Blessed with victory and peace, may that heaven-rescued land, praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
If we are among those who have been blessed with a loving and godly mother, we know something about love and sacrifice.
Of his own African-American heritage, the Packers defensive end said it is gifted in ``worship and celebration,'' while Caucasians ``are blessed with the gift of structure and organization.
Likewise, in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, when candidates are accepted into the Order of Catechumens, they are signed by their sponsors with the cross on their foreheads and may be blessed with the sign of the cross on their ears, eyes, lips, breast, shoulders, hands, and feet.
As in the two prior years, the "Call to Holiness" conference was blessed with outstanding Catholic speakers.