blend together

blend something together (with something)

to mix something evenly with something else. Blend the egg together with the cream. Blend the ingredients together and pour them into a baking pan.
See also: blend, together
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As the first to blend together two highly popular varietals, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, Luna Di Luna disrupted the tradition of single varietal wines.
Summary: Inside the small, brightly lit Bubble T shop tucked between two restaurants at the end of Hamra, baristas blend together the sweet ingredients for a special kind Asian tea drinks rarely seen here.
99 This is a shimmery brush-on powder which has five different hues which you blend together using a large blush and blend over the palette.
SIGHTS and sounds of South America, India, Africa and Asia are to blend together to help over 300 children celebrate Europe Day next this Friday.
Stone, then slice the peaches into the blender, then blend together with the raspberries, apple juice and honey until smooth.
Meanwhile, place butter and sugar into a food processor and blend together.
Drive down Via Cellini in Porter Ranch and the first thing that catches your eye is how the homes, their colors and landscaping, blend together in one homogenous montage right out of ``Stepford Wives.
Both have helped one another to varying degrees, but don't exactly blend together comfortably.
Religious history, social history, and music history all blend together in a fine and detailed survey of the technical forms of Gregorian chant and its evolutionary process.
Whereas Azdel Superlite is based on polypropylene and chopped glass fibers, new Azdel Rail-Lite uses GE's Ultem PEI or PEI/PC blend together with 42% to 55% glass.
However, some materials, such as copper and steel, do not blend together well, thus resulting in an inadequate material,
These plot elements blend together into an intriguing story that will hold the attention of young adolescents.
The numbers paint a multihued picture of a diverse country, one where people of various races and cultures blend together to create one unique and complex culture--the so-called "melting pot.
Blend together 12 governments and 12 different economies and the result will be Britain getting shafted once again.
We needed a bit of time to blend together and now that's beginning to happen, " said City's leading scorer.