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bleep something out

to replace a word or phrase in a radio or television broadcast with some sort of covering tone. (This is sometimes done to prevent a taboo word or other information from being broadcast.) He tried to say the word on television, but they bleeped it out. They tried to bleep out the whole sentence.
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Bleep was selected by the Fruit Exchange due to their proven track record and experience within the industry and the innovative and unique design and aesthetics of Bleep's EPOS systems.
Bleep UK PLC is a supplier, designer and manufacturer of innovative, flexible and reliable EPOS solutions and touch screen till systems.
Bleep PayPOS is a bespoke package available on a monthly rental, with hardware options and software applications to suit any business, in any environment, and on any budget.
It has a dictionary checklist full of banned words and bleeps them out if they occur in the dialogue.
During a Friday press conference on the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Cates was asked to predict the number of bleeps that might be required to censor Rock's possible expletives.
The Irish record for the Bleep test was set by an army man who made it up to level 16 and a half.
Ms Lamb said: "The bleep test scores have gone down.
It settles into a rhythm, "Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep", I think, "That bird sounds just like my bedside alarm", Then comes a slow and sad awareness: we're asleep, We go for one final flit around Notre Dame, At last I manage to open one eye somehow, I waggle a toe, this will have to do for now.
At the risk of inciting another potty-mouthed outrage by wrinkled yob Roy Hodgson, his side looked a bit bleep in midweek.
The company wishes to bring the product called bleep quickly to the market so millions of smartphone and tablet users around the world can benefit from it.
The test is so called because it requires officers to carry out shuttle runs between two markers at a speed which gradually gets faster, and is dictated by a bleep.
They included Jonathan Sands, chairman of Elmwood, Morag Myerscough founder of Studio Myerscough and Tom Evans, creative director of Bleep Bleeps.
The force said it had mistakenly sent results from bleep tests of level 5.
com)-- Bleep UK PLC has announced the launch of Bleep eebag, an innovative plastic bag dispenser developed to integrate into retail checkouts and reduce retailers' plastic bag consumption by controlling and limiting the release of bags.
The Trust is seeking to award a contract for the provision of a full short-range two-way main bleep system and full short-range two-way stand-by bleep system for Disaster Recovery (DR) purposes, a number of short range bleeps, ultra high frequency (UHF) transmitters (all inclusive), as well as a maintenance/support contract to include service, repairs and replacements of the bleeps for the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WSHFT).