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bleach something out

to remove the color or stain from something. Wally bleached his jeans out so they looked more stylish. Can you bleach out this stain?
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As an important link in the subsequent debates around Browning within and beyond the dancehall, Nardo Ranks' Dem a Bleach (1992) documents the post-Browning public and media debates on the issue of bleaching.
Although bleach alone is a good disinfectant (SN: 3/1/03, p.
In evaluating disinfectants used in UK hospitals, the NHS made a determination that an alternate to bleach based on Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) was just as effective as a disinfectant, including when used as a sporicidal, but did not have the same level of health risk or cause as much damage to hospital equipment and the environment as bleach.
At the same time, the unique gameplay of 45[degrees] viewing angle will create an extremely different experience of Bleach to players.
Dispatch towels with bleach clean and disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces quickly and effectively in just one step.
Bleach is a useful cleaner and disinfectant, but pouring it down the drain will not do anything to help keep the drains clear.
This indicates that bleach removal before light exposure may be critical to the method's success and evenness.
COUNTRYSIDE: This is in response to the person in March/April 2008 who put undiluted bleach on his chigger bite and a word of caution to those who soak their false teeth in bleach overnight.
Our testing shows that the Innova process reduces typical bleach processing time by 15-30%; and water consumption by 66-75%," said Mike Tyndall, managing director, product development and implementation for Cotton Incorporated.
25% bleach to disinfect surfaces now have a safer and more efficient means of mixing and applying bleach at the recommended 10% dilution.
PDI[R], a provider of high-quality premoistened wipe delivery systems for the healthcare market, offers Sani-Cloth[R] Bleach Wipe, the newest member of the Sani-Surface[TM] family of products.
The PDI[R] Sani-Cloth[R] Bleach Wipe is a stabilized bleach solution in a ready-to-use, durable, low-lint wipe.
Instead, the area should be soaked with a diluted bleach solution, and cleaned with a damp towel.
In the study on skin bleaching, Blay found that Ghanaian women tend to bleach their skin at a disproportionately higher rate than Ghanaian men.
Dilute household chlorine bleach by mixing one cup of bleach per one gallon of water.