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blazing inferno

Some place or thing totally engulfed in flame. After the summer-long drought, it didn't take long for a minor forest fire to become a blazing inferno.
See also: blaze

in blue blazes?

Used as an intensifier after a question word (who, what, where, when, why, and how) to express extreme confusion, surprise, or aggravation. Primarily heard in US. And just how in blue blazes am I supposed to have three reports done by 9 AM tomorrow? Where in blue blazes did you find that rusty old car? Who in blue blazes is making all that noise?
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in (the) blazes?

Used as an intensifier after a question word (who, what, where, when, why, and how) to express extreme confusion, surprise, or aggravation. Primarily heard in US. And just how in blazes am I supposed to have three reports done by 9 AM tomorrow? Where in the blazes did you find that rusty old car? Who in blazes is making all that noise?

blazing star

A comet. Did you see the tail on that blazing star? I can't believe how much it lit up the night sky!
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blaze a trail

1. Lit. to make and mark a trail. The scout blazed a trail through the forest.
2. Fig. to do early or pioneering work that others will follow up on. Professor Williams blazed a trail in the study of physics.
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blaze away (at someone or something)

[for gunfire] to fire continually at someone or something. The guns blazed away at the oncoming ducks. The cowboy blazed away at his opponent in the gunfight.
See also: away, blaze

blaze down (on someone or something)

[for the sun or other hot light] to burn from above onto someone or something. The sun blazed down on the people on the beach. The stage lights blazed down on the set while the actors rehearsed.
See also: blaze, down

blaze up

1. Lit. [for flames] to expand upward suddenly. The fire blazed up and warmed all of us. As the fire blazed up, we moved away from the fireplace.
2. Fig. [for trouble, especially violent trouble] to erupt suddenly. The battle blazed up again, and the fighting started to become fierce. As the battle blazed up, the cowards fled into the hills.
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blaze with something

to burn with some quality, such as great heat or sound. The sun blazed with unbelievable heat. The fire blazed with much crackling.
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Damn it to blue blazes!

Rur. Damn it. (An oath.) Damn it to blue blazes, I told you I can't lend you any more money! "Damn it to blue blazes! I give up!" Joe shouted, flinging his tools aside.
See also: blue, damn

Go to blazes!

Inf. Go to hell! Go to blazes! Stop pestering me! I'm sick of your complaining. Go to blazes!

like greased lightning

Rur. very fast. Once I get her tuned up, this old car will go like greased lightning. He's a fat kid, but he can run like greased lightning.
See also: grease, lightning, like

blaze a trail

to do something different The hospital has blazed a trail in children's care by giving them many things to do and allowing visitors at any hour.
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blaze a trail

to do something that no-one has done before, especially something which will be important for other people The hospital has blazed a trail in developing new techniques for treating infertility.
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Go to blazes!

  (old-fashioned, informal)
a rude and angry way of telling someone to go away and that you do not care what happens to them Just go to blazes! I'm sick of your rudeness! If he's going to start making demands, he can go to blazes.

[What/Why/Who etc.] the (blue) blazes

  (old-fashioned, informal)
if you start a question with what/who/why etc. the blazes, you show that you are very surprised or angry about the thing you are asking about What the blazes are they doing up on the roof?
See also: blaze

like blue blazes

  (American & Australian old-fashioned)
if someone or something does something like blue blazes, they do it a lot This sweater itches like blue blazes.
See also: blaze, blue, like

like greased lightning

if someone does something like greased lightning, they do it very quickly I mentioned work and he was out of the room like greased lightning.
See also: grease, lightning, like

with (your) guns blazing

  also all guns blazing
if you do something, especially argue, with guns blazing, you do it with a lot of force and energy The boy's mother arrived at the school, all guns blazing, furious that her son had been suspended.
See spike guns
See also: blaze, gun

blaze a trail

Find a new path or method; begin a new undertaking. For example, His research blazed a trail for new kinds of gene therapy. This expression was first used literally in the 18th century for the practice of marking a forest trail by making blazes, that is, marking trees with notches or chips in the bark. [Late 1800s]
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hot as blazes

Also, hot as hell. Extremely warm, as in It was hot as blazes in that room, or I'm hot as hell and would love a cold shower. The first of these hyperbolic similes dates from the mid-1800s, the second from the early 1900s.
See also: blaze, hot

like greased lightning

Also, like a blue streak; like the wind; like blazes. Very fast indeed, as in He climbed that ladder like greased lightning, or She kept on talking like a blue streak, or The children ran like the wind when they heard there'd be free ice cream. The likening of speed to lightning dates from the 1500s, and grease was added in the early 1800s to further accentuate the idea of haste. The first variant, blue streak, also dates from the early 1800s and alludes to something resembling lightning. The wind in the second variant has been a metaphor for swiftness since ancient Roman times. The blazes in the last variant, first recorded in 1925, alludes to fire or lightning.
See also: grease, lightning, like


in. to smoke marijuana. The teacher caught two of them blazing in the john.


n. hell. (Especially with blue.) Just go to blue blazes.
See also: blaze


mod. really good; really good looking; really hot. (see also blaze.) We had a blazing time at Jane and Bob’s wedding reception.
See also: blaze

Go to blazes!

and Go to the devil!
exclam. Go to hell! Go to blazes! Stop pestering me! You can just go to the devil!
References in classic literature ?
Peter's Church; and finally perished in the great fire of London, into the midst of which he had thrust himself, with the desperate idea of catching one feeble ray from the blaze that was kindling earth and heaven.
A child would know Silver Blaze, with his white forehead and his mottled off-foreleg.
You have only to wash his face and his leg in spirits of wine, and you will find that he is the same old Silver Blaze as ever.
I was already convinced, or almost convinced, that John Straker went down to the stables in the dead of the night and took out Silver Blaze.
You are my prisoners, and I will hurl you all into my underground dungeons, where the volcanic fires glow and the molten lava flows in every direction, and the air is hotter than blue blazes.
At a little distance from the blaze the lions halted, there ensued a short succession of unusually vicious growls and roars, during which the cries and moans of the black man ceased--forever.
Smoky red flames swayed on high poles, and the fiery blaze flickered over faces, clung to the smooth trunks of palm-trees, kindled bright sparks on the rims of metal dishes standing on fine floor-mats.
THE Blaze started the noughties in their new home at the Skydome playing in the British National League.
Jimmy Blaze,'' his nickname, is painted on his snowmobile, hauler and business cards.
The company they created, Blaze Recycling & Metals, now has four locations in northern Georgia and has grown steadily throughout its 16 years in business.
A new belt, the SG Blaze R980 from Norton Abrasives Inc.
Early one December morning, a blaze broke out in a tenement house.
Blaze Halfbreed is the product of parents of two different islands and was abandoned as a child when it was obvious she was not a purebred.
Coventry Blaze have announced themselves at the top of British ice hockey by lifting the Elite League trophy.
Nasdaq:CNXT), has joined forces with Tyco Electronics, Blaze Network Products, and Alvesta to prove the feasibility of the 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface (XAUI) technology.