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Arguably the blankest big wall climb in the world, the duo topped out in January 2015 after 19 days of strenuous climbing.
When the blank slate was at its blankest, the first issue was mud.
The 25-year-old told chat show host Jonathan Ross: "I was the blankest canvas my dance teacher had ever seen.
The report, seen as essential reading for affluent citizens of the Big Apple, said: "Ask a Londoner about the city, and you're likely to receive either the blankest of stares or an unkind rendition of Birmingham's memorable accent.
Hoss is perhaps least likable as the abused but still resourceful wife; Fuermann plays the blankest, and perhaps the weakest-written character of the three.
Meanwhile, Anne Gisleson's "Stroller" ennumerates how the city--its detritus from history and poverty, including "endless chains of FEMA trailers of the blankest, most despairing and hopeful white you'll ever see"--jolts and impresses through a stroller to become part and parcel of the child within.