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blanch at something

Fig. to cringe at something; to become pale at the thought of something. Jill blanched at the thought of swimming in that cold water. Lily blanched at the sight before her.
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blanch with something

Fig. to become pale with some emotion, such as anger or fear. He saw the injury and blanched with fear. Lily blanched with anger as Max walked out.
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Vanborough beckoned to Blanche to come to her, and pointed toward the French window opening to the floor.
My expert blanches everything except for runner beans and dwarf French beans, and what follows is her advice not mine
000 q de viandes blanches congelees, dans le cadre du dispositif de regulation des produits de large consommation (Syrpalac), sont disponibles durant ce Ramadhan dans la wilaya de Tizi-Ouzou, a indique, hier, le directeur des services agricoles.