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Currently, a quarter of Americans blame each president "a great deal" for current economic problems.
If anyone could've been tempted to blame others, it would've been one of the region's most celebrated CEOs who'd made a few very costly blunders - to the tune of billions of dollars.
For on a weaker interpretation, the standing to blame refers only to being able to blame another legitimately.
Blame the people who twist protests against police brutality as evidence of "anti-cop attitudes.
Because the Tory-Lib Dem Government's war on pay and pensions is to blame for today's action.
Our children have a lot to blame us for - but not less destructive species
Blame the government: "[T]he government makes a big deal of obesity but their own definition of eating disorders lags behinds.
While blame and responsibility are intimately linked (i.
SIR - Your article in Country & Farming ("Flying predators being blamed for fall in numbers of other birds", September 27), with a nice photo of a red Kite and the caption "birds such as red Kites are pushing some birds to extinction", is wrong in that it blames red Kites for the demise of woodland birds.
We blamed until we ran out of things to blame each other for -- and there was nothing left to talk about.
People blame them for things when they weren't even involved.
WOY'S WOE: Fans feel Hodgson is to blame for their poor show
Unfortunately, we have heard too many organizations scapegoat and blame a person, who is often the last and most junior person in the chain, as the cause of a mishap (Kletz, 2001).
It is as old as time and is one of the first "sins" Adam and Eve committed: The blame game.
It consists of four interconnected chapters, the last, on blame, substantially longer than the others, and an especially substantial contribution to the literature.