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blackmail (someone) into (something)

To coerce someone to take a certain action by threatening to expose something about them. I've known him for years and can definitely blackmail him into silence. The maid blackmailed her famous employer into paying her an exorbitant sum of money.
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blackmail someone into doing something

to force a person to do something by threatening to reveal some secret about the person. Are you trying to blackmail me into doing what you want? They blackmailed me into doing it.
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The post Our View: Teachers union reveals its bullying and blackmail tactics appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Fraser had been due to stand a retrial on the charge of blackmail but entered a plea of guilty to the offence of attempted blackmail, which was accepted by the Crown Prosecution Service.
If the blackmail is intended to shame or dishonour the victim, or has a sexual element, the sentence can be up to 10 years.
He further stated that Ankara Mayor Melih GE[micro]kcek has some blackmail videos which is why he has been serving as a mayor for many years.
Yusuf Akbar, 33, of |Wynn Street, Edgbaston, Birmingham: Found guilty of false imprisonment, blackmail and GBH with intent.
A Kent Police spokesman said: "His crimes came to light when one of his victims, a teenage boy, came forward to report that Chidlow had forced him to send indecent images of himself over social media and messaging services, and had subsequently used the indecent images to blackmail him into sexual acts.
Sextortion' has been defined as sexual blackmail in which sexual information or images are used to extort sexual favours or money from the victim, with blackmail demands ranging from $500 to $15,000.
He would lure them into taking nude photographs and videos, only to use them as blackmail, saying he would publish the pictures if they didn't have sexual relations with him.
THE criminal careers of a blackmail gang's key members is revealed today as they face years behind bars for a terrifying tarmac con.
Russia uses blackmail to force Armenia and Ukraine to join the Customs Union, secretary of the opposition
Why should the trial for racketeering, blackmail be secret?
KATIE Price has revealed that a man has been charged with blackmail following the theft of sexually explicit pictures.
TYCOON Michelle Mone claims she was the victim of a blackmail plot over a snap of her Range Rover parked in a disabled bay.
THREE people have appeared in court accused of trying to blackmail Coleen Rooney after she lost her mobile phone.
Summary: Blackmail against women is on the rise in Saudi Arabia with more complaints to the religious police, according to press reports, prompting some women to take matters into their own hands.