blackmail into doing

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blackmail someone into doing something

to force a person to do something by threatening to reveal some secret about the person. Are you trying to blackmail me into doing what you want? They blackmailed me into doing it.
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Jurors have been told that before the blackmail attempt the men tried to hawk the tapes to a number of newspapers.
The Saudi and Arab face blackmail and extortion charges.
He said Platt, who has already admitted blackmail, was a "gangster" involved in the plot and he only passed on information to arrange handover of the photos for cash.
Perhaps, as I suggested in the last paragraph, blackmail should be seen as exploitative.
Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, TRA Director General said TRA has launched this campaign in collaboration with Dubai Police's "Al Ameen Service" to educate people and raise awareness about the dangers of cyber blackmail and we are prepared to support all national efforts and initiatives at the local and federal levels.
Speaking at a press conference held in Parliament, Vural said the Erdoy-an government is trying to redesign the political scene in the country through secret recordings and blackmail.
Zahid Khan alerted police who pounced on the blackmail gang REPORT: PAGES 4-5 A YOUNG Birmingham businessman has told how an armed gang demanded PS1 million from his family after holding him at gunpoint in his own Rolls-Royce.
Neil Brand's score for Blackmail was described by BBC 4 as 'amazing.
Katie, 35, and husband Kieran, 26, were said to have been "rocked" by the alleged blackmail.
Katie, 35, and husband Kieran Hayler, 26, were said to have been "rocked" by the alleged blackmail.
A COVENTRY University student who was accused of trying to blackmail F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone's daughter has been cleared.
Summary: Police have arrested 15 people in North Lebanon on suspicion of carrying out a string of fraud and blackmail, it was announced Friday.
COLEEN Rooney was subjected to a pounds 5,000 blackmail plot involving hundreds of personal family photos on her stolen camera, a court heard yesterday.
THREE people have appeared in court accused of trying to blackmail Coleen Rooney after she lost her mobile phone in Manchester.
The written court papers said the alleged blackmail offence happened between August 13, 2010 and September 11, 2010.