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It's blackly amusing in places and there are a couple of tense moments.
Call 01792 475715 5 The Man A blackly comic interactive performance about tax, which is proving really taxing for Ben Edwards.
From full stage plays to more intimate performances, the company will explore a diverse selection of his theatrical outpourings, including three of his famous Talking Heads television monologues and his blackly comic 'Enjoy', which is set in Alan's birthplace of Armley in Leeds.
TONY BIANCHI: Blackly humoured Geordie who learnt Welsh well enough to make the Welsh language shortlist of the 2008 Wales Book of the Year award with Pryfeta.
It's a nicely amoral, blackly comic little show that hopefully, given the worsening financial climate, won't be taken as a guide to beating the credit crunch by the science faculties in comprehensive schools the nation over.
The conclusion of each increasinglyoriginal slaying is marked by a title card that goes from the horrific to the blackly hilarious while the attention paid to Nils's inner life prevents him from becoming a faceless assassin.
What unfolds is a blackly humorous (and at times painfully accurate) tale of estrangement, resentment and longing - with a dash of incest thrown in too.
Brothers, here's another blackly comic trip down memory lane with some eye-boggling contemporary flourishes.
John Boorman's blackly comic take on the John Le Carre novel.
That empty interior was blackly visible in openings at the eye sockets and at the sites of missing limbs, for Youngblood seemed to have an aversion to shaping arms and legs; she might supply one in the form of a desiccated stick or seamlessly seal the gap, but she might also just leave a hole.
This weekend, Stewart says, he's especially looking forward to doing the selections from ``Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,'' the blackly comic Stephen Sondheim/Hugh Wheeler show about a deranged London haircutter who slits his customers' throats and bakes their bodies in pies.
for sun to heat these eggs, make hatchlings blackly see
Peter Skelton's blackly comic turn as Shadbolt - played with a hint of a Brummie accent - brings an appealing element of music hall humour to the production, while the capering of Ian Grange as Jack Point strikes just the right note.
THE trials of Mel Gibson, whose rants to an ex-girlfriend were caught on tape last year, seem like a curious case of life imitating art in this blackly humorous tale of a middle-aged man's emotional breakdown.
TWO The road ahead of him kept plunging down and away from him, faster, steeper, way, way and down from him, down from under his feet, running now in the cool air, the sound his shoes made on the road like drumming, all the time faster and faster on the steepness of the hill, as if he would either take off and fly or fall flat on his face, and either way it didn't matter, his favourite place for running in the world, and no-one would know why, just see, only there was no-one about anyway, and he was hidden under the trees, just see a boy running, a kind of game but it wasn't, wouldn't know why or how it made him feel either, running faster and faster and down and down under the blackly green, the greenly black tunnel, the hood of the holly trees.