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In the past, arms companies were blacklisted for up to 10 years
Compared to other countries the number of blacklisted or suspended companies is very low here,-EeA[yen] he claimed.
Emiratis blacklisted by the Emirates National Development Programme
02/F-10 Markaz Islamabad (registered) has also been blacklisted for its poor performance and alleged misuse of government wheat stock of 646.
With his play ``Trumbo: Red, White and Blacklisted,'' the now matured Christopher Trumbo is opening the vaults again.
Your e-mail can be blacklisted by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Yahoo
Lardner wrote scenes for various films either produced or unproduced, but like his friends, he wrote on the sly, in a process later treated comically by formerly blacklisted screenwriter Walter Bernstein in The Front, starring Woody Allen.
Over the years, a number of book-length accounts have taken up the cause, some written by relatives of the blacklisted, invoking "inquisition" and "red scare" in their titles and bristling with terms such as witch-hunt and McCarthyite.
These days, even marketers who email with permission may be inadvertently or incorrectly blacklisted.
The EU also cited that the blacklisted countries have refused to commit to tax transparency and information exchanges with other countries.
He pointed out that the company, Alstom Hydro, was a subsidiary of a blacklisted company, Alstom SA, which was indicted by a US court.
BLACKLISTED workers will today be given a public apology from major construction firms.
BLACKLISTED tradesmen have each been awarded up to PS200,000 compensation for having their working lives blighted.
SHADOW Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell has said Liverpool FC "must engage" with campaigns to help blacklisted workers.