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blab something around

Inf. to gossip something to others; to spread some news or secret. It's true, but don't blab it around. Did you blab around everything I told you to keep to yourself?
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blab something out

Inf. to speak out freely about something that is a secret. Don't just blab it out! Don't blab out the names of the people who were there!
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1. n. talk; chatter; meaningless talk. I never pay any attention to blab like that.
2. tv. to tell a secret; to reveal something private in public. Tiffany blabbed the whole thing.
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Just get him and 200,000 of his friends and supporters to take in one family and all of the housing problems end, with no fuss, no muss and no blabbing about what everyone else should do.
Despite last week's PISH (Penile Information Stops Here) award being presented to the glut of celebs who've been blabbing about their male dangly bits in the press, the craze continues.
1 This parrot, Ziggy, who got his owner's girlfriend booted out of the house by repeatedly blabbing the name of the man whose arms she kept falling into.
HAS it ever occurred to Tracy Shaw that being an actress is about acting - not blabbing and blubbing in print about every aspect of her private life (If I hear one more word about her anorexia, I'LL throw up) and posing for raunchy pictures the justification for which is obviously loadsamoney.
The Spice Girls' ex-chauffeur, Paul Attridge, has lost a court fight to have a gag order removed that's keeping him from earning money by blabbing about whatever it is he knows about Spice behavior in a book.
Just take all the pictures you can find of Faria Alam and sellotape them to every mirror in the house, so the next time he preens himself he'll be met with the sight of a blabbing, flirtatious, attention-seeking, gold-digging office bike.
Desmond Atholl, who specializes in becoming butler to the famous and then blabbing about it in the public prints - as he did in ``Memoirs of a Major Domo'' - managed to become a servant to Leona Helmsley for three days before being discovered and shown the rear door Aug.
But despite them blabbing about their new-found friend, the band are insisting that X's name is kept secret.
There's always a lesson in there somewhere, so take note (no blabbing secrets, no lying to the 'rents about where you're going and, hmm, maybe this is the year to invest in a calendar to keep b-days straight
He's a prosecutor so he's not supposed to be blabbing everything he knows.
No one to keep his mom from blabbing about his love for ranch dressing on salmon (OK, so that's not a big secret either, but it is awfully cute if you ask me).
On the other hand, there's no chance of accidentally clicking a Dan Dierdorf blabbing icon.
But while Tara, 28, has been blabbing about how great her new man is, Hugo - a famously well- endowed actor - appears totally bemused.
Quick to the attack, Ivana has slapped Riccardo Mazzucchelli with a suit seeking $15 million from him for allegedly violating their prenuptial agreement by blabbing to the National Enquirer about their married life.
It totally stinks that Amanda got busted blabbing, but her loose lips have brought some for-real excitement to your social life/Anyway what are you--a referee?