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a nail-biter

1. Literally, someone who bites their fingernails, especially due to nervousness or agitation. I was a nail-biter at a young age, and, try as I might, I've never managed to shake the habit completely.
2. By extension, a situation, especially a competitive one, whose outcome is particularly close or uncertain and marked by nervous apprehension. Did you catch the football match last Sunday? Man, what a nail-biter! With how close these two candidates are, this election is sure to be a real nail-biter in its final moments.

the biter (is) bit

A person who has committed wrongs is now experiencing the same kind of torment, adversity, etc. Looks like the biter bit. She's always bullied me, and now she's getting a taste of her own medicine. Ah, the biter is bit! A prankster deserves to be the target of his own tricks once in a while.
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rug rat

Sl. a small child, especially an infant or toddler. (Also a term of address.) You got any rug rats at your house? Hey, you cute little rug rat, come over here.
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the biter gets bit

You say the biter gets bit to mean that someone suffers as a result of their own actions, especially when they were intending to hurt someone else. Sympathy seldom abounds when the biter gets bit. Note: `Biter' is an old word meaning a swindler (= person who cheats people out of money).
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the biter bit (or bitten)

a person who has done harm has been harmed in a similar way.
Biter was a late 17th-century term for a fraudster or trickster. In this sense it now survives only in this phrase.
2000 Locus The most common plot device in Lee's stories is the classic ‘biter bitten’ resolution.
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the biter ˈbit

the person who wanted to do harm, cheat somebody, etc., has harm done to them, is cheated, etc: It was a case of the biter bit — she’d tried to make him look foolish and ended up being ridiculed herself.
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1. n. a thief. (see also bite.) Some biter made off with my algebra book.
2. n. someone who copies someone else. (From the first sense.) That’s my steelo, you biter!

rug rat

and ankle biter
n. a child. Hey, you cute little rug rat, come over here. I got three little ankle biters at home.
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ankle biter

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