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The rhizomatic structure of The Tropics Bite Back is very much indebted to Edouard Glissant, whose theoretical frameworks were center-stage in Loichot's previous monograph, Orphan Narratives: The Postplantation Literature of Faulkner, Glissant, Morrison, and Saint-John Perse (2007).
There will be 10 events for the Bite Back at Hunger tour, with each evening combining music, stories and images from around the world.
The new guidelines, which will see more offenders face jail sentences than before, are a boost the ECHO's Bite Back drive for tougher controls on dangerous dogs.
He said: "We're favourites, but Glasgow can bite back.
Other sponsors include Gentry Magazine, Adrian Liu and Friends of Chefs Bite Back.
For those still searching for the perfect gift, we have some thoughts on items that most likely won't bite back.
Emma Peacock, of Oxfam, said: "By getting involved with Give it up for Ghana we will be helping cocoa farmers to bite back.
PT, includes panelists Jeff Raikes, group vice president, productivity and business services, Microsoft; Nicholas Carr, author of the controversial article in Harvard Business Review, "IT Doesn't Matter," Edward Tenner, Princeton University historian and author of "Why Things Bite Back," Shai Agassi, executive board member, SAP and Deepak Advani, vice president, marketing, IBM's Personal Computing Division.
I admit that I prefer politicians to bite back, like David Clelland did.
blackpool 1 wigan 3 IAN HOLLOWAY wants his Blackpool dogs of war to get their bite back and come out snarling to beat the drop.
We can't keep plundering the planet and treating fellow animals with disrespect, because sooner rather than later they're going to bite back - and bite back hard
Rangers have their bite back under Walter and Ally but if we play our game we can get a result.
DENNIS WISE is probably just the man Leeds need to put a bit of pride back in the jersey and a bit of bite back in the team - but is he really going to bring back this once mighty team to the big time?
Daily star: "mad dog" Emanuel Pogatetz put the bite back into Boro with his first goal for the club as Middlesbrough crushed the Black Cats.