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Women are the under class and are more likely to be bitchy towards each other because they have to compete for scarce resources.
If you have no point of view, and you're not bitchy or political, it must be impossible.
Tawdry affairs, tan, chiseled and curvaceous bodies stuffed in skimpy thongs, and bitchy barbs hurled at one another are all part of the drama packaged on this cruise.
I'm glad it's not just the women on TV that are scrutinised for the way they look and even housewives' pin-up Des isn't immune to bitchy comments.
X-Chromosome" offers a variety of six different animation shorts, Avenue Amy, Bitchy Bitch (formerly Bitchy Bits), Drawn From Life, Fat Girl, Hey Monie and -- new this season -- Chick Flicks.
Boy George, 54, blasted: "You said you weren't going to be bitchy, and you're being bitchy.
When I came off the Young Adult press tour and then did press for this, someone said, 'You know, you've been playing a lot of evil - may I say bitchy characters.
STRICTLY Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood has started making bitchy remarks about this year's celebrities two weeks before the contest starts.
The lesson for women here is this; if you are bitchy and hard to get you will attract a certain type of guy.
1) Kaye sings atrociously, but with comic exuberance, and, 2) Corren (playing accompanist Cosmo McMoon) reacts in arch, bitchy horror.
With its pop culture--savvy dialogue, bitchy characters, sexual tension, unusual cases, and an occasional squirt of gore, ABC's Grey's Anatomy bears similarities to other hospital-set TV shows (House, ER).
LIVERPOOL town hall is used to seeing its fair share of side-stepping and bitchy comments, but now Insider reckons its going to be seeing plenty more - courtesy of the king of double entendre Julian Clary.
DIDN'T know Caron Keating, though in a bitchy business never heard a bad word about her.
She's sneaky, bitchy, greedy, and a big flirt, but also a devoted mom to her only daughter.
This is just nasty, bitchy criticism from someone who is basically a failed politician,'' the source said.