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bottom bitch

slang The prostitute who is the top in a hierarchy of prostitutes. Primarily heard in US. Because I'm the pimp's bottom bitch, I have a lot more responsibility than these other girls.
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bitch about someone or something

Inf. to complain about someone or something. (Use discretion with bitch, a word many consider coarse or vulgar.) You are always bitching about your girlfriend. Stop bitching about your job so much.
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bitch of (a someone or something)

Inf. a really difficult person or thing. (Use discretion with bitch, a word many consider coarse or vulgar.) What a bitch of a day! He is really a bitch of a boss.
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bitch someone off

Sl. to make someone angry. (Use discretion with bitch, a word many consider coarse or vulgar.) You really bitch me off, do you know that? That foul temper of yours could bitch off anybody.
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bitch someone or something up

Inf. to mess someone or something up. (Use discretion with bitch, a word many consider coarse or vulgar.) Who bitched these cards up? I never bitch up anything!
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son of a bitch

1. Inf. a very horrible person. (Use with caution. Usually intended as a strong insult. Never used casually.) Bill called Bob a son of a bitch, and Bob punched Bill in the face. This guy's a son of a bitch. He treats everybody rotten.
2. Inf. a useless thing. This car is a son of a bitch. It won't ever start when it's cold. This bumpy old road needs paving. It's a real son of a bitch.
3. Inf. a difficult task. This job is a son of a bitch. I can't do this kind of thing. It's too harda real son of a bitch.
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bitch and moan

to complain Don't start bitching and moaning again about what I pay you.
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a son of a bitch

1. (American & Australian very informal) a man who is unpleasant or who has made you angry He's a lazy, drunken son of a bitch and she's better off without him.
2. (American very informal) a way of referring to an object, an activity, or a situation which causes difficulties for you Cleaning up after the robbery was a son of a bitch.
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Son of a bitch!

  (mainly American very informal)
something that you say in order to show that you are very angry or upset Son of a bitch! Have you seen what he wrote in this letter?
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son of a bitch

Also, SOB; son of a gun. A mean, disagreeable individual, as in He was regarded as the worst son of a bitch in the industry, or He ran out on her? What an SOB, or He's a real son of a gun when it comes to owing you money. The first of these terms, calling a man the son of a female dog, dates from the early 1300s and is considered vulgar enough to have given rise to the two variants, both euphemisms. The first variant, an abbreviation, dates from World War I. The second, first recorded in 1708, gave rise to the theory that it originally applied to baby boys born at sea (in the days when women accompanied their husbands on long voyages). The explanation seems unlikely, especially since presumably some of the babies were girls. It also once meant the illegitimate son of a soldier (or "gun"). More probably, however, son of a gun evolved simply as a euphemism for the first term and appealed because of its rhyme. Both it and son of a bitch are also put as interjections expressing surprise, amazement, disgust, or disappointment, as in Son of a bitch! I lost my ticket, or I'll be a son of a gun! That must be the governor.
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1. n. an unpleasant or irritating female. (Rude and derogatory. See the complete list of all entries with bitch in the Index of Hidden Key Words.) How can anyone be expected to deal with a bitch like that?
2. in. to complain. (Usually objectionable.) Oh, stop bitching! I’m sick of hearing your noise.
3. n. a complaint. (Usually objectionable.) I’ve got a bitch about this new foreman.
4. n. a difficult thing or person. (Usually objectionable.) This algebra problem is a real bitch.
5. tv. to ruin something. (see also bitch something up.) You really bitched this coil of wire.
6. n. one’s girlfriend. (Black. Usually objectionable.) Me and my bitch really like this kind of stuff.
7. and biatch and beotch n. buddy; cohort. (Streets. Also additional spellings.) Good, man, ma biatch.

bitch box

n. a public-address system loudspeaker. (Military. Because it is always nagging.) I’m sick of listening to that bitch box day and night.
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bitch of a someone/something

n. a very difficult or unpleasant person or thing. (Usually objectionable.) This is a bitch of a math problem!
See also: bitch, of

bitch out

in. to complain. (Usually objectionable.) You are always bitching out no matter how well off you are.
See also: bitch, out

bitch session

n. a session of complaining; an informal gripe session. (see also bitch. Usually objectionable.) We were just having a bitch session. Come on in.
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bitch slammer

n. a women’s prison. (Streets.) They threw her in the bitch slammer for three years.
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bitch someone off

tv. to make someone very angry. (see also piss someone off. Usually objectionable.) You know what bitches me off? Soggy French fries, that’s what!
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bitch something up

tv. to mess something up; to ruin or spoil something. (Usually objectionable.) The rain so bitched up our picnic!
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bitch tits

n. gynecomastia; the development of breast tissue in the male. (From bodybuilding, in reference to breast development caused by steroids. Usually objectionable.) If you don’t let up on the gorilla juice, you’ll get bitch tits.
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and bitchen and bitching
1. mod. excellent; great; classy. (Usually objectionable.) This is a totally bitchin’ pair of jeans!
2. exclam. Terrific! (Usually Bitchin’!) Four of them? Bitchen!


See also: bitch

bull bitch

n. a strong and masculine woman. (Rude and derogatory.) So, this bull bitch walks up to me and says, “Hey, buddy, got a match?”
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bush bitch

and bush pig
n. an ugly or unpleasant female. (Derogatory.) Tom’s been dating some bush pig from Adamsville. Shut your shitty mouth, you skanky bush bitch!
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Life’s a bitch, then you die

sent. & comp. abb. Life is tough, a general lament. LABTYD. How depressing. God, I hate this disease. Life’s a bitch, then you die.
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pitch a bitch

tv. to make a complaint. (Crude.) You really love to pitch a bitch, don’t you? What makes you happy?
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real bitch

n. a very difficult or annoying thing or person. (Can refer to male or female.) Fred is a true problem. A real bitch.
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son of a bitch

1. n. a despicable person, usually a male. (Rude and derogatory. Abbreviated SOB.) Tell that son of a bitch to get out of here, but fast.
2. n. old buddy. (Used between close male companions.) Where you been keeping yourself, you son of a bitch?
3. exclam. Dammit! (Usually objectionable. Usually Son of a bitch!) Son of a bitch! I didn’t even see that car pull out.
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