bitch off

bitch someone off

Sl. to make someone angry. (Use discretion with bitch, a word many consider coarse or vulgar.) You really bitch me off, do you know that? That foul temper of yours could bitch off anybody.
See also: bitch, off
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After the announcement someone tweeted to me 'Too bad they can't photoshop the bitch off your face'," she said.
The Cumbria-based Walsh, who has trained Larkhill Bird throughout her career, started the bitch off at Sunderland last June where she finished fourth in a minor open.
At Derry Magistrates Court, Martin John White, 19, was found guilty of launching the springer spaniel bitch off the old walls of the city last August.
When a crew member of a Navy carrier, referring to a female investigator, shouted, "Get this bitch off my platform," she responded, "It's Lieutenant Pike, `not bitch.
Etherington, after welcoming his bitch off the track, said: "That was very exciting, and I can't wait for the Derby to begin.