bitch of

a bitch of (something)

rude slang An intensifying phrase used to emphasize that something (stated after "of") is very trying or difficult to deal with. Oh, I had a bitch of a time getting that nut off. I almost broke my wrench! This was really a bitch of a day—nothing went according to plan at all.
See also: bitch, of

bitch of (a someone or something)

Inf. a really difficult person or thing. (Use discretion with bitch, a word many consider coarse or vulgar.) What a bitch of a day! He is really a bitch of a boss.
See also: bitch, of
References in classic literature ?
But he is a pleasant, good humoured fellow, and has got the nicest little black bitch of a pointer I ever saw.
A Pomeranian pluriparous, 62 days pregnant bitch of 4.
DROOPYS LONER bids to roundoff a campaign of relentless high achievement when she lines up as the likely warm favourite for tonight's PS15,000 William Hill Oaks final over 480 metres at Wimbledon, with trainer Dean Childs adamant she ought to be crowned bitch of the year' irrespective of how she fares, writes Richard Birch.
Bitch of Year Cabra Tiny, Maireads Fantasy, Skywalker Queen Sprinter Aho Tony, Carlows Pride, Inny Blue.
This Keeley McGeetrained daughter of Larkhill Jo bitch is a half-sister to 2006 Bitch of the Year Shelbourne Becky.
This Keeley McGee-trained bitch is a half-sister to last year's Bitch of the Year Shelbourne Becky and could well go on to emulate that tough-as-teak performer.
Bitch Of The Year: Express Wish, Oran Majestic, Shelbourne Becky.
Is the answer yet another award - for bitch of the year?
One of the nominations for the Irish Bitch of the Year Award, Side Saga won the Champion Bitch Stake at Thurles last backend and was a finalist in the Irish Oaks last year.
The Brood Bitch of the Year is Newbridge Girl, the dam of Derby and Champion Stakes finalist Disguised, Tote Gold Cup winner First Charter and that brilliant bitch Frazzled.