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The finding lends further support to the idea that instead of forming wholesale, our galaxy grew bit by bit and is even today snaring matter from other galaxies (SN: 4/22/00, p.
military establishment shrinks, officials in California and elsewhere are worried about losing bases, defense projects and personnel bit by bit to other regions with more political clout.
Bit by bit, the features changed, became more simplified, and at the sixth "station" the mask was anonymous.
In contrast, information on a magnetic disk is retrieved bit by bit by spinning the disk.
Or would he prefer that the exacting and trying standards of the game, which, as in all sports, test the will and the limits of the athlete, be compromised and eroded bit by bit by bit?
By animating a force point, the user can "paint with an explosive brush" to break up a layer bit by bit.
The speaker has told supporters privately of a plan to erase the public's negative perception of him, bit by bit, over the next few years, and Tuesday's brief appearance fit into that strategy.