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in (one's) birthday suit

Completely naked. (Alludes to the fact that one's "suit" is nothing at all when born.) I have a recurring nightmare where I'm walking through school in my birthday suit. As kids, we had no problem going swimming together in our birthday suits.
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*in one's birthday suit

Fig. naked; nude. (In the "clothes" in which one was born. *Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) I've heard that John sleeps in his birthday suit. We used to go down to the river and swim in our birthday suits.
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birthday suit

Nakedness, as in The doorbell rang, and here I was in my birthday suit. In 18th-century Britain this term originally referred to the clothes one wore on the king's birthday. Later it was jocularly transferred to bare skin, alluding to the condition of a newborn baby.
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in your birthday suit

If you are in your birthday suit, you are not wearing any clothes. I could go out there in my birthday suit and nobody would even notice. Note: This expression is used humorously.
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in your birthday suit

naked. humorous
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in/wearing your ˈbirthday suit

(informal, humorous) wearing no clothes; naked: The towel fell off, and there he was in his birthday suit!
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birthday suit

Wearing no clothes. People said to be in their birthday suit are as naked as the day they were born.
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