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A person who lacks intelligence or who makes stupid decisions. You're such a bird-brain. I can't believe you got stranded on the highway because you didn't put enough gas in your car!


1. n. a stupid-acting person. I’m such a birdbrain. I forgot my driver’s license, officer.
2. and birdbrained mod. stupid. Look, you birdbrained idiot, you are dead wrong!


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CHILDREN at a Tyneside primary school have been proving they are not birdbrains by using pigeons to help with their studies.
Study leader Erich Jarvis, of Duke University in North Carolina, said: 'We need to stop calling people birdbrains and take it as a compliment.
NEXT time someone calls you a birdbrain just say 'Thanks'.
But if the birdbrains at the FA chose to construe Eriksson's refusal to discuss the affair as a denial, that's hardly the ice-cool Swede's fault.
Romer should maybe talk to some of them instead of the birdbrains that killed the project.
Michael Noonan told foreign business leaders he had ways of making us birdbrains vote for something we don't want.
But only birdbrains could favor the alternative: keeping stupid laws on the books on the theory that it's too much trouble to change or repeal them.
The birdbrains at ITV have given the feathered fiend who infamously pecked Michael Parkinson a 26-part TV series.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BirdBrain Education is today launching the first standards-based, adaptive Social Studies tool, that will help teachers and educators close the literacy gap in the classroom.