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A person who lacks intelligence or who makes stupid decisions. You're such a bird-brain. I can't believe you got stranded on the highway because you didn't put enough gas in your car!


1. n. a stupid-acting person. I’m such a birdbrain. I forgot my driver’s license, officer.
2. and birdbrained mod. stupid. Look, you birdbrained idiot, you are dead wrong!


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BirdBrain serves the same concepts to every student in a classroom at their independent reading level and we adapt the level they receive as they improve.
And in 1996 some BBC birdbrain thought: Well Hancock's dead.
Madeleine Curtis was the unlucky actress taking over as third birdbrain in the flat.
He added: "The Dunkirk Little Ships, the most evocative reminders of this country's bravest hour, were ignored so that a pneumatic birdbrain from Strictly Come Dancing could talk to transvestites in Battersea Park.
for two nights only, members of the Australian Dance Theatre took over the stage at Newcastle's Theatre Royal to present Birdbrain, a "radical reworking of Swan Lake" as part of their first ever UK tour.
There is a rich line of humour running through Birdbrain and enough references to the traditional choreography of Swan Lake to bring smug chuckles from the ballet buffs in the audience.
Wednesday's saga when birdbrain Joel got trapped under a truck just as the water level rose above the Sydney Opera House was simply hilarious.
It's the biggest load of rubbish ever turned out by ITV though it suits the birdbrain that is Chris Tarrant.
Noah Strycker is the birdbrain of bird boys if ever there was one, even if he's yet to sprout wings.
Showbusiness Reporter Gordon Barr meets the man behind Birdbrain
Even the suicide attempt by birdbrain druggie Toni seemed strangely sanitised.
ADT is making its North-East debut with "cygneture work" Birdbrain, a radical deconstruction of Swan Lake with not a twinkling tiara or sexy sequin in sight.
It has also been chosen to kick off the UK tours of a new production of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, the Lyric Hammersmith's The Firework-Maker's Daughter and Australian Dance Theatre's Birdbrain.
Tropicana Casino And Resort officials however, felt that Michele provided a fun and lively attraction for visitors and though she did get a bit carried away at times, she should not lose her head over her birdbrain behavior.
Birdbrain (Australian Dance Theatre), Newcastle Theatre Royal (also Sat) ( (0870) 905-5060.