bind together

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bind (someone or something) together

To join or fasten together. I fell down because some pranksters bound my shoelaces together. The teacher bound us together for the three-legged race.
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bind someone or something together

to tie the parts of something together; to tie a number of things or people together. Can you bind together all three parts? Bind these two bandits together and lead them to jail.
See also: bind, together
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That's when the universe had dissipated enough of the Big Bang's heat that electrons and protons could bind together to form hydrogen atoms.
Studies of the proton furnish insights into the strong force, which governs how quarks bind together and how protons and neutrons form atomic nuclei, Hughes says.
If individual snowballs bind together to make up a comet, they would have only a weak gravitational link to each other, calculates H.
The closeness of that spacing helps determine how strongly electrons bind together, or couple, to produce superconductivity.
Finally, the looped and straight sections both have long, flanking arms that bind together tightly during cleavage.