bind together

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bind (someone or something) together

To join or fasten together. I fell down because some pranksters bound my shoelaces together. The teacher bound us together for the three-legged race.
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bind someone or something together

to tie the parts of something together; to tie a number of things or people together. Can you bind together all three parts? Bind these two bandits together and lead them to jail.
See also: bind, together
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Once a successful match has been made, the outside surfaces of the sperm and egg bind together before they merge and the sperm delivers its DNA to the inside, fertilising the egg.
However, while the geology, orientation and vegetation of its setting have influenced the design of the house so it, in turn, has been planned to re-construct the site and establish new ecologies that bind together house and garden.
We, as camp professionals, must bind together to bring camp to more and more children every year.
The result is a scholarly, well-documented anatomy of the legal, commercial and cultural attitudes that bind together all the different elements of the process.
He sees the witchcraft in ``The Craft'' as a metaphor for the empowerment girls feel when they bind together.
With Industria IMS Universal, the conventional IMS model now contains a hitherto absent software layer, which serves to bind together the existing services, control and transport layers.
Chromosome colocalization events are common in cells, and one such event is meiosis: for sexual reproduction to succeed in producing viable cells all of the homologous chromosomes in the process have to, almost simultaneously, bind together in pairs.
The research hinges around a pair of receptors in the brain which bind together to form a functional complex.
I want this team to grow up and bind together and next year we'll be even better," he said.
Water molecules in ordinary water tend to bind together and form large clusters which are too large to penetrate the cell membranes easily.
That's when the universe had dissipated enough of the Big Bang's heat that electrons and protons could bind together to form hydrogen atoms.
Endothelial cells line the inside of blood vessels and bind together through the cadherin family of proteins.
Studies of the proton furnish insights into the strong force, which governs how quarks bind together and how protons and neutrons form atomic nuclei, Hughes says.