bind together

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bind (someone or something) together

To join or fasten together. I fell down because some pranksters bound my shoelaces together. The teacher bound us together for the three-legged race.
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bind someone or something together

to tie the parts of something together; to tie a number of things or people together. Can you bind together all three parts? Bind these two bandits together and lead them to jail.
See also: bind, together
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Water molecules in ordinary water tend to bind together and form large clusters which are too large to penetrate the cell membranes easily.
That's when the universe had dissipated enough of the Big Bang's heat that electrons and protons could bind together to form hydrogen atoms.
Endothelial cells line the inside of blood vessels and bind together through the cadherin family of proteins.
Studies of the proton furnish insights into the strong force, which governs how quarks bind together and how protons and neutrons form atomic nuclei, Hughes says.
Not just by investing; not just by helping bind together in fortune one economy, now the world's largest, with another that could and some day should be even larger; but also by working with friends old and new, on both sides of the Atlantic, to ensure that Africa's agenda - the agenda of a new generation of African leadership - becomes our agenda, in Washington, in New York, and throughout centers of commerce and government at home as well as abroad.
If individual snowballs bind together to make up a comet, they would have only a weak gravitational link to each other, calculates H.
Our decision to use Express Digital's software, E-commerce and connectivity products to bind together our digital workflow solutions was a natural one," says Greg Nichols, Executive Vice President of Sadie's.
The closeness of that spacing helps determine how strongly electrons bind together, or couple, to produce superconductivity.
This design adds a large-scale warfare system on top of the fully functional Roleplaying game -- allowing the more strategic-minded players to bind together and vie for control of territories within the online world.
Finally, the looped and straight sections both have long, flanking arms that bind together tightly during cleavage.
Today, the Port of Oakland and Hanjin Shipping Company will bind together our promise for the future, the construction of the world's most modern container terminal," said John Loh.
VBA is a key technology enabling users to bind together the business logic of various Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Applications (Windows DNA) architecture based applications and is the most comprehensive architecture for building innovative, fully integrated manufacturing solutions.
All genes are composed of simple building blocks known as nucleotides that bind together in a specific sequence to determine the genetic code for living organisms.