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bulk billing

The practice of charging the costs of a patient's care by a general practitioner, hospital, or other health service provider to Medicare, the Australian government's universal health insurance system. Primarily heard in Australia. Recent legislation is aimed at introducing a mandatory co-pay for all bulk billing by GPs and hospitals.
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top billing

1. On a theatrical poster or playbill, the place at the top where a star's name is listed. I know you're disappointed, but Anita is a bigger star than you, so she gets top billing.
2. By extension, a position of prominence or recognition. You did the most work on this report, so you should get top billing on the cover.
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Table 8: Growing Cloud Billing Penetration in the Telecom
DEP bills that are billing meters will indicate the amount of water that is consumed daily.
We find long distance billing generally has significantly more problems than billing for local services; however, local service billing is definitely not immune from errors," said Roberts.
The [SNF] will be ultimately responsible to ensure that the claims it submits are accurate and compliant with all applicable medical policies and billing rules.
Such conferences can be very expensive for the client because several professionals are billing at the same time.
The DEP has introduced the Multi-Family Conservation Program that can be used in lieu of frontage and meter billing.
It may either contract with a billing service or use its own staff to process the bills for Medicare.
Our approach to quality, compliance, and specialized expertise in complementary specialties of the medical billing industry create a unique national company delivering value to emergency medical providers.
By choosing Intec Convergent Billing, Polkomtel is embracing the convergent business model that will enable our company to maintain a competitive edge over its rivals and to reinforce Polkomtel's position as a true technology leader in Poland.
Assess the opportunity for smooth billing and combined gas and electricity billing and electronic billing.
The city is currently fighting lawsuits filed by upstate counties over the way it tallies the population on which their water billing is based.
OSG Billing Services is increasing its productivity and revenue - as well as that of its clients - thanks to installing nine Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) DocuTech([R]) 180 Highlight Color Systems - high-speed digital presses that print documents at up to 180 pages per minute.
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) seized control of the city's water billing system so quickly this past year that the agency has been flooded by the consequences.
LONDON -- Combination of advanced billing technology and GPS-based monitoring offers monthly itemized motor insurance bills and greater customer choice
Moynihan said those taxpayers who had reductions that were not captured in the replacement billing will be able to get a new bill at City Collector.