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Well, las' Monday I 'uz pass'n by one o' dem places in fourth street whah deh sticks up runaway nigger bills, en he'ps to ketch 'em, en I seed my marster
Ah, Bill, Bill, we have seen a sight of times, us two, since I lost them two talons," holding up his mutilated hand.
What if Bill, too, should finally have acquiescence to Martin rubbed into his very marrow, should absorb his father's point of view, grow up and run, with mechanical obedience, the farm he abhorred?
Now, Tough Bill was not the man to put up with humiliation at the hands of a common sailor.
Intervening trees at that moment shut her from view, and Swiftwater Bill plunged into the problem of disposing of their constable, while Daylight, leaning back with closed eyes, was still seeing Dede Mason gallop off down the country road.
Bill Totts had served his purpose, but he had become a too dangerous accomplice.
Bill stopped for a moment, in order that his words might gain greater significance.
But hard as he strove with his body, he strove equally hard with his mind, trying to think that Bill had not deserted him, that Bill would surely wait for him at the cache.
So Bill I've always been called, and Bill is my name.
The introduction to the work, or bill of fare to the feast.
served as fast as you throw the five baseballs at the coloured gentleman's head) Sarah took away with her the bill of fare.
I couldn't a-done that to Bill Murphy for a million dollars.
A further clue to his character is supplied by the fact that both these needy persons seemed to know him intimately, and that each called him Bill.
The dog jumped from right to left, and from left to right; snapping, growling, and barking; the man thrust and swore, and struck and blasphemed; and the struggle was reaching a most critical point for one or other; when, the door suddenly opening, the dog darted out: leaving Bill Sikes with the poker and the clasp-knife in his hands.
In the bottom of the nest are thousands of dollar bills -- and two-dollar bills -- and five-dollar bills -- and tens, and twenties, and fifties.